01 July 2008

SuperScenic ARTBOOK + OST review

I've finally listened to all the songs in the OST which I got together with the ArtBook in the above picture.. Anyway before we get to the inside of the ArtBook, let us get to know where I got it..

Well, I got the whole set from
Collateral Damage when they set up their booth at the recent Toys & Comic Convention held at the Suntec Convention Centre last weekend..

Now onto the book itself, the first 2 pages has a CD containing the OST..

While the 2nd page contains this short but sweet sentence.. ^^

So what is inside the ArtBook?? Well, other than just the info about the songs that is inside the CD, there is also a whole set of Fan-made pictures made by artist, both local and international..

Let us start from the local artist, mainly from the Collateral Damage group..

There are alot of fan-made "mini" pictures made by them.. The ones I knew are Xephonia, Mistayoh and Mantoro..

When I scanned through, I was very happy to see the Miku and Shana fan-arts..

Well, here is the 2 original pictures made by Xephonia.. The recent art is Kagamine Rin.. ^^

Picture is by Xephonia.. Visit his deviantart here..

Now let us move on to the Guest artist.. Here is the list of them who drew beautiful artworks and are showcased in this book..

Their artworks look splendid.. I even like the artwork of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.. Looks awesome..

However I am quite sad to see the artwork of Suzumiya Haruhi since she is smack-dab in the binding of the book.. Pity, wanted to tear the page out but in the end it was not worth the risk.. ^^

Well, after the review about some of the pictures found in the ArtBook, let us move on to the OST CD which comes together with the ArtBook..

In the CD, there are about 18 tracks composed by TERA.. His music masterpieces in the OST is very awesome.. Some of the songs are so soothing you can listen to them to calm you down or even when you doing your homework..

The song I particularly like is The Awakening ( Track No. 15 ).. It is quite soothing yet will not make you fall asleep.. it almost sounds like the background music before an epic battle is about to start..

Well, that is all it is about the SuperScenic ArtBook & the OST CD.. I hope you enjoy reading this entry.. If you want to hear a preview of the songs in the OST, you can visit the website by the link below..


  1. Aww.. The Haruhi artwork. It's a shame :(

  2. Damn, I wanted to see Haruhi's art.

    Btw Fariz, the OST? It sounds epic from how you say it. Gotta go listen.

  3. Miku artwork is fantastic by Xe.

  4. i should have bought that book.
    Took me awhile to say no.
    Now i regreted it

  5. @ mizunaga & C.I.: Yeah.. It is a pity that I can't see Haruhi in the ArtBook.. Hope there will not be such problem like this in their upcoming book.. ^^

    @ C.I.: Yes, it is EPIC.. The songs are awesome.. Trust me..

    @ panther: Agreed.. Xephonia gets +1 vote from me.. ^^

    @ rokku: Aww, you should have bought the book during the convention..

    Don't fret, you can buy a new one during the upcoming CosFest.. They are setting up their booth there this weekend..

  6. Yet to listen to my copy. Found some of the art nice but kind of regretted not getting IFS ones.

  7. yum, ost samples were great! just the kind of thing i'd listen to at work


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