02 July 2008

Hatsune Mix Vol1 Chap5

Well, this is a new month to begin with.. It was tiring at the end of last month after having to go to the Toys & Comic Convention.. After all, that is the first convention with both western and Japanese toys are showcased and also on sale..

Anyway, I wanted to show you the next chapter in Hatsune Mix which is now on Chapter 5.. It came out in one of Japan's magazine, Comic RUSH in May(above pic) this year..

Chapter 5 tells the story about Hatsune Miku and sakuras..

Well, she remembered something about sakuras when she saw the lyrics given to her..

However, Kaito, who made his first appearence in this chapter, try to scare her by telling a scary story about a horror tale of sakuras..

However, he then told the reason due to Meiko always bury Kaito under a Sakura tree when she gets drunk.. LOL..

So after much discussion, Hatsune Miku and the gang, including the Kagamine twins, Kaito and Meiko, went to the South to catch the blooming of the Sakura trees..

When they are there, the crowd saw her and wants Hatsune Miku to sing.. Miku wasn't so sure but finally do so after some moral support by Meiko..

She looks stunning in this page..

So the chapter ends when Miku thanking to I think is the professor who made her.. Or maybe Vocaloid.. Hmm, I'm still confused to whom she is referring to..

I love this chapter since this is the best drawing ever drawn yet by Kei especially at page 2-3.. I would love to see more of the chapters for Hatsune Mix..

Well, that is all I have to show to you about Hatsune Mix.. Hope you enjoyed it.. I shall post about the upcoming chapters since as of now, there isn't any news about chapter 6 and above..


  1. Not that I'm being ungrateful, but this translation tends to leave me a little confused.. ^^;

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I'm not happy with Hatsune Mix.
    I wanted a manga that starred ALL of the Vocaloids.

  3. @ anonymous: There is one manga that starred all Vocaloid characters but it is not official.. You may find them at Pixiv but you need an account for that..


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