26 July 2008

Itazura na Kiss ED 2 and Zero no Tsukaima 3 OP

Well, I was late in posting about the new ED of Itazura na Kiss.. Seriously, I thought the full song wasn't released yet so I put that thought aside for awhile.. However my guess was wrong as I found out that it was released on July the 2nd; 24 days ago lol..

The good thing is that I just realized that the full song for the OP of Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo was recently released too.. So here we go then, starting with Itazura na Kiss:

Ending Theme
Title: Jikan yo Tomare
Performed by: Azu feat. Seamo

I was intrigued by the nice song of the ED that I decided to go search for the full song.. However, as stated above, I started searching only after a week or two after it was released. The video is awesome and the song fits it nicely.. Usually I don't like emotional songs but this hit the right notes..

Here is the ED from the anime:

Now onto the PV, Azu's voice sound very sweet, making the song very heartwarming.. And she is also pretty, giving an added bonus in her work..

The effects of the rain being stopped in time and also the rest of the cast while the singers are singing is great..

Anyway, here is the PV of the song:

Now let us move on to our next song from the anime Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo..

Opening Theme
Title: You're The One
Performed by: Ichiko

A very nice show, now in its 3rd season.. Is also shown on Singapore's TV channel for anime lovers.. The song is pretty awesome, nice and good to listen to.. And the video is fabulous.. ^^

Furthermore there is Louise and Tifannia in it.. What more could you ask for right?? XD

Here is the OP from the anime itself:

Althouh the full song is already released, I could not find any PV of it, so it is a no-show in this entry.. Sorry..

Well, that is all I have for today.. As per usual I shall end this entry with the 2 full songs from Imeem.. Enjoy!! ^^


  1. WOW. I knew Azu's singing was good, but I didn't know she looked good too! O_O

  2. @ mizunaga: Yes, she looks gorgeous.. Another one to be added into my collection.. :P


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