04 July 2008

Lagann-Tan in Magical Battle Arena??

Well, you've seen the Magical Battle Arena game trial which I've reviewed a few days ago.. You have also seen the whole character list that comes in the full game.. But what you did not know is that FLY System decided to make their own character to put in the game..

Introducing, Ruru the Doriru girl.. Well, Seiha refer to her as "DoriruRuru".. Lol..

Ok... Twin-Doriru hair and a Drill.. What more could you ask for??

Anyway, this is simply madness.. Just look at all her attack moves..

This is totally outrageous.. Her special attacks are inba..

What is this??? A big drill on her head? Man, now this is the "DRILL THAT CAN PIERCE THROUGH THE HEAVENS!!".. Orz..
I'm totally speechless..

Head-butt with a little touch-up with "Ruru-Spinnu"..
That's gonna hurt.. :(

This have made me call her Lagann-tan..

Yes, finally FLY System have been given +1 from me.. Making a totally new doriru character totally took me by surprise but hey I love the uniqueness of that character..

Well, FLY System can expect this game to be sold out at the upcoming Summer Comiket.. Who doesn't want to have fun using Lagann-tan.. ^^

Tenka Seiha,
FLY System



    And Now, Gurren Lagann is moe too. The impossible has been done.

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Hey anyone can tell me what i need to do get ruru?

  3. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Beat story mode at least once with any character to unlock ruru.


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