09 July 2008

Art Storm’s "Limit Gunz" Figure Pre-Order

After looking at Wcloudx's entry about Art Storm's "Limit Gunz" figure, I felt that I could share this news to other people when they come to my blog..

Well, for a start, this is a 1/6 scale figure of “Limit Gunz” from the Lilics series, will be available this coming November 2008.. Apparently this figure is listed as Volume 1, so there would be a good possibility that there will be other ones coming out in the future..

Would someone give this one a go?? Yes, including me.. The reason is...

The BIG gun..

Yes, most could not resist having a girl holding a HUGE gun as part of their collection..

Close-up of her face.. Looks abit weird IMO..

This figure is designed by Yoshizaki Mine, the creator of the famous Manga Sgt. Keroro (Keroro Gunzo in Japanese)..

From what I read from Wcloudx's blog, Yoshizaki Mine is also the character designer for the arcade game Otomedeus.. I was like "This is freaking awesome!!"..

Some will know that I have a liking to weapons because I have my header banner of Miku holding a gun.. This one is no exception except that it is 3 times bigger than a standard gun..

That is one MASSIVE gun!!

This figure is open for pre-orders at Hobby Search at about 8400yen, which is about SGD$105 (It will be great if the price could drop.. XD ).. The price however will not deter me in buying this one and I am eager to give this one a worth for my money..

Sadly, this will make me a bankrupt.. I seriously need sponsors.. Anyone?? ^^


  1. Want a sponsor?

    May I suggest Citibank? All it takes is a gun and a mask and a duffel bag to convince them that your purpose is justified ^_^

  2. Prim38:53 AM

    What do you think about Art Storm?

  3. Dang! That's is so COOL!!!! Can your Miku's rail gun beat her? Hah! I know, since her facial expression is weird so why not just give her gun to the upcoming 1/6 Miku in Sept? LOL!!! I'm not getting this one anyway, I'll KOSMOS ver.4 by Alter instead.

  4. @ CI: Meh, I think I have found a solution to my money problem.. I am not going to spend any of my allowance on any foods and only eat at home.. ^^

    @ prim3: Well, I think Art Storm is certainly going the right direction, announcing all the good figures..

    @ divine fang: Currently, Miku's Rail Gun lost to Limit Gunz.. But fret not, I shall find for her a BIGGU-gun so that she might have the same firepower as Limit Gunz..

    Hmm, I have not thought of that.. Thanks a million!! ^^


    The face looks fine, IMO. I like that half-open mouth. The gun is no plus for me though. It's certainly cool, but not quite my taste~

  6. Art Storm sucks. Until they actually get some rep up.

  7. Anonymous1:06 PM

    well, i think you already know my thoughts on this one... buy buy buy! ^_^;


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