03 July 2008

Chinese Garden, A Great Spot for a Photoshoot?

Well, it has been years since I've been to the Japanese Garden.. I went there during my childhood when my parents brought me there for some sight-seeing...

Note: I'm using my Sony Ericsson K630i phone to take most of the shots in this entry.. I wish to say sorry if the picture is very blur since my phone do not come with Auto-focus..

Well, to those who wants to know where the Japanese Garden is, it is located in the western side of Singapore.. See map for estimated spot..

So what was I doing in such places?? Well, I was there to pay a visit to Panther who was there to do some photoshoot of his newly acquired Kotobukiya Elwing figure..

Well, meeting him is one thing, going from Chinese Garden MRT station to where he is is another thing..

While I was walking around searching for signs that point me to Japanese Garden, I took some shots of the surroundings.. Anyway, enjoy the pictures..

The Gate to Japanese Garden

So I met up with Panther after 10mins walking through the Chinese Garden + including getting slightly lost in the big park..

When I reached there, Panther was still taking some shots of Elwing.. Since he was doing so, I might as well join in taking some shots of her..

Here are some more shots I got when I was at the area..

After that, me and Panther went for dinner at a nearest hawker centre near Chinese Garden MRT station.. We met up with Zero later on..

Well, the 3 of us discussed whether or not we could hold another Team Blue photoshoot in August in both Chinese and Japanese Garden.. Well, Im totally alrite with it since it is near my house, though Im not sure about the rest of the group yet..

Anyway, Panther's photoshoot of his Elwing will be posted soon.. He still need to fix his computer due to some technical problem.. More info here..

Anyway, may I know from everyone whether or not both Japanese and Chinese Gardens would be a good location for a group figure photoshoot in August.. ^^

To those who are not in Team Blue but would like to join us for a group figure photoshoot, please leave a comment here too..


  1. it's within walking distance from my house so i'm fine with it. ^^;

    the place is pretty quiet during most days so we can have the whole place to ourselves.

    btw no entrance fee right when u guys went in right?

  2. @ gordon: Yup, there is no entrance fee when we went in.. I think that only applies during special events held there.. ^^

  3. Ill be there if there's a night shoot ^^

  4. Just to make sure I got it right- There are two (Chinese and Japanese) gardens in one place?

    Regardless, it looks like a really nice place for a photoshoot. I definitely support the idea of a photoshoot outing!

  5. @ squee: Roger that.. ^^

    @ mizunaga: Yup, the Chinese & Japanese Garden are right beside each other.. They are connected by a long stone bridge..

    Closing time for each are different from one another.. Japanese closes early at 7pm while the Chinese Garden closes at 11pm.. ^^


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