14 July 2008

Nigi G.B. Figure Review

It has been a while since I have the Nigi G.B. on my shelf after getting her during the Toys & Comic Convention a few weeks ago.. I have written about her as one of the loot from the event.. You can click here to see it.. ^^

Well who is she anyway?? Well she comes from a game called Shikigami no Shiro 2.. Here is the info about the game:

Shikigami no Shiro II (式神の城II) is a vertically scrolling shooter released in the
arcades, using the Sega NAOMI arcade system board. It was subsequently ported in
Japan to the Nintendo GameCube, and then later to Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 2,
Xbox and Windows PCs.

The game was also released in the U.S. on the
PlayStation 2 by XS Games as Castle Shikigami 2, and in Europe as Castle
Shikigami 2: War of the Worlds. XS Games released its prequel as well, under the
name of Mobile Light Force 2.

Well, guess what?? This figure was actually out in 2005 when I have not even started figure collecting yet (Well, I started off with Gundams)..

Well, I took her out of the box.. She looks quite decent (Both art & girl) IMO.. Anyway enjoy the pictures I took of her..

Front Shot..

Left-side Shot..

Rear Shot..

Right-side Shot.. I FAIL at positioning the figure correctly..

Close-up Shots of Nigi..

Shot of her short pants... X.X

The base of which Nigi is standing on..

Apparently one of her legs is screwed together with the base to make her stable.. Well, at least that eliminate the hassle of sticking the figure onto the base and vice versa..

Now here is the cat figure that comes along with Nigi.. I shall call it... NIGI's CAT!! XD

Well, in-game, the cat is Nigi's helper from what I've heard.. Here is a shot of Nigi with her cat..

Well, the set also comes with a cap which you can put it on top of Nigi's head according to the pictures behind the box..

However, due to it being 3 years old (I hope not), I can't seem to put the cap onto the head without breaking one of Nigi's fingers.. So all I can do for now is this..

Looks weird but I have no other choice..

Well, there is the one other opction of using the cap which is to use it on Nigi's cat.. :P

I did try to take a pantsu shot of Nigi but her cat was always around when I do so.. Pity.. :(

"Don't mess with me!!

Well, I hope you enjoy reading this entry.. With the ever growing number of figures within my possesion, I think I need to purchase the Detolf cabinet as quickly as possible (I think I've said this before..)..

Well, lets hope I can get one before the arrival of Limit Gunz.. She and her weapon is seriously HUGE... XD


  1. Her eyes, are they meant to be that large?

  2. wongtcsg3:26 PM

    I got the game not part 2, but part 3.
    It is sold in popular bookstore, a PC game.
    The installation is in chinese but the gameplay is in english and japanese.
    A very hard game, defintely must use continues to complete.
    5 stages.

  3. @ CI: Hmm.. I think they are a tad bigger than the one shown in the game's box cover.. Well, I need to play the game to know how she really looks like..

    @ wongtcsg: Really?? Well, after reading your comment, I am going to put that in my purchase list..

    I wondered why the installer is in Chinese when the game is still in English and Japanese.. XD

  4. wongtcsg1:13 AM

    the option is in english, but the dialogue and words are in jap.
    It is a small box, look for it under the chinese game section at popular.


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