20 July 2008

Koihime Musou OP ( Flower of Bravery )

It has been awhile since I've posted about songs from OPs or EDs from any new animes.. Currently, the Summer Anime Season is totally worth watching, from Slayers Revolution, Strike "Lolis"/Witches and Koihime Musou..

Well, speaking of Koihime Musou, the OP single came out earlier than anyone had expected; a week after the release of the anime itself..

Well, without further hesitation, let us move on to the OP itself..

Opening Theme
Title: Flower of Bravery
Performed by:

The OP was sub-par since I am more of those-who-like-action-scenes-in-OP kind of person.. But I still like when RinRin shows up on any scene.. She is just too kawaii~~ A fantastic song indeed with a very catchy tune to it.. ^^

So here is the OP from the anime itself:

As usual, let us move on to the PV.. It was released together with the singles CD on July 16 this year.. Although date is stated there, I do not think most would know about it at that time..

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.. The PV is awesome, using just simple lightings and effects.. I especially like the laser-light show at "1.42", simply magnificent IMO..

I also like the red-coloured outfit worn by who I think is the singer Nao herself.. I think it is a nice fusion of traditional and modern clothings.. Well, correct me if I'm wrong there.. XD

Well, here is the PV of the song itself:

I am now waiting for the ED singles of Koihime Musou.. Although it sounds abit weird to some, I find it quite groovy.. Till then, I shall wait patiently for the release of the song "Yappari Sekai wa Atashi☆Legend!!" by fripSide too.. ^^

As for now, enjoy listening to the full song of the OP:


  1. *has not watched* orz

  2. @ mizunaga: Well, there would be plenty of time to catch up with the show since it is now at episode 3 only..

    Seriously, RinRin cuteness makes me want to watch episode 2 again.. Orz..


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