06 July 2008

Singapore CosFest 2008 Day 2

Well, the 2nd day was as fun as the 1st day of the festival.. It took awhile for me to post about this entry due to so many pictures..

I felt that I should just post some pictures (Maximum was about 300+ pictures lol..) here and you would just click on the links all the way below..

So without further ado, enjoy all the pics.. ^^

OMG!! It is the Yuki WonFest EXCLUSIVE 1/1 scale!! Orz..

Ninety-Nine Nights cosplay.. They look hawt..

Death Note..

One of the few best cosplay in the 2nd day of the festival.. According to Panther, she plays as a character from FF13 Versus... However, we do not know the character's name.. Can anyone help with this?? X.X

Gundam Exia from yesterday.. Today he finally entered the big tent after a test run yesterday somewhere else..

A LOW-ANGLER shot of Gundam Exia.. This is one of my best shots from my dad's N82 (FAILs at indoor shots most of the time)..

This is another of the few best cosplay; LOLI HARUHI!!

She is not very hard to spot among the many cosplayers during the 2nd day of the festival.. I know alot of people will be very pleased with these few pictures of her.. ^^

Even Allen Walker wants to join in the fun..

Loli Haruhi up-close..

Haruhi with Lenalee.. They both look stunning..

I wonder who she is cosplaying as.. According to Panther, she is called A.O.D. or Angel Of Death for short.. Although her costume may look simple to some, it is one of the best and I find it unique.. ^^

Sugintou from Rozen Maiden..

Stein from Soul Eater..

Edit: This is Fei-Yun from the "Virtual-On" game.. Though I have not seen her in yellow colour.. Must be a unique skin of sort.. XD

Kukuku~~ Lucky Panther..

Outdoor shots of N3 cosplayers.. ^^

Vampires allying with Elves?? Interesting..

More cool cosplay shots.. Enjoy!!

Then came the arrival of Iron Man later in the day.. Man, he is EPIC!!

Even some of the cosplayers want to have a shot together with him.. OH BEHAVE TONY STARK!! Lol..

Well, thats is all I have for this entry.. I hope you get to enjoy looking at the pictures.. Anyway, if you want to see more of the event, you can click the links I provided below..

There are 3 parts for the pictures I took during the event.. Enjoy!!

CosFest 2nd Day Part 1
CosFest 2nd Day Part 2
CosFest 2nd Day Part 3

Well, it has been a long time since I have a good rest.. So for now, enjoy looking at the pictures in the links.. ^^


  1. I agree with Panther that the FFXIII Versus cosplayer did a good job.

    Don't know how they're supposed to look like, but the N3 cosplayers look good :P

    And I see another Stein is around. Awesome for him to bring a chair along xD (though he could have worn some better shoes :\)

  2. simon1:57 AM

    the fella doing iron man was really good. havent seen some1 who did such a good job for quite sometime now.

  3. panther, cosplaying as panther, lol! Nice coverage there! :D

  4. @ mizunaga: The characters that the 2 of them are cosplaying as are Inphyy and Tyurru, the water mage..

    Stein was just too lazy to walk around the area so he stole a chair and zoomed past everyone with it.. XD

    @ simon: I agree with you, Iron Man was one of the best cosplayers around.. Well, he did have some shots with Gundam Exia inside the big tent.. ^^

    @ chun: Thank you Chun!! Greatly appreciate it..

    Yes, Panther cosplayed as himself.. But it will be nice if he have worn a neko ears and tail to represent as Ruri-chan's dad.. XD

  5. cute haruhi is cute.


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