28 July 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 Cheap Deals?

Having to play Metal Gear Solid 4; one of the best games to be released just last month is totally awesome.. But to those who cannot afford to buy this game due to it being a tad expensive (¥8,800 in Japan or SGD$85 in Singapore), there is a glimmer of hope for you guys..

Apparently in Japan, the new copies of the MGS4 game is sold at a
Sofmap shop in its "Bargain Bin". This is usually intended for games that don't really sell on the market..

So how much does the shop set for the game itself? Well, the shop sells it for only ¥3,980 or SGD$50... Yes, you heard me right.. It is sold at a reduced price of SGD$50; a SGD$35 off the original game sold in Singapore.. MGS4 fans will sure love getting this game now..

More good news.. Kotaku reported that Amazon Japan is selling the MGS4 Limited Edition for only ¥5,980 or SGD$75.. Seriously, that is like a SGD$45 cut from the Limited Edition which is sold in Singapore, costing about SGD$120.. Now that is what I call awesome news..

So what are you waiting for? If you are living in Japan, go grab a copy now.. If you are outside of Japan, have someone you know who lives in Japan to get you a copy too.. PS3 are after all Region-Free right?? ^^

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  1. you are the devil.


    damn. i have no ps3 :(

    the online was recently released!!! looks damn fking good!!!!!

  2. Although most hard-core MGS fans (who queued overnight till 12th June 08) have gotten their copy, I do believe some still haven't, so go get it now! This is indeed a great deal!

  3. Fariz, trying to tempt me to get a PS3....will.....fa - OH WTF WHY BOTHER.

  4. I has no PS3 either. orz

    Wanna play MGS4!!

  5. you have ways to get a copy?

    I sadly have no such contacts :(

  6. @ anonymous coward: Yes.. It is a MUST GET item..

    Unfortunately, I has no source that is able to get MGS4 at that price..

    @ divine fang: Maybe this is the only chance to get it at that price? ^^

    @ C.I.: The force is not strong in you..

    @ mizunaga: Same here.. Maybe I can go visit my friend's house to play that game.. Looks fun.. ^^

  7. It's a good news for folks who don't owns MGS4. ^^

  8. @ kozta-boom: Agreed.. The problem is for those who live outside of Japan.. They must have a good source in Japan to get one of those.. ^^


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