21 July 2008

Psychic Babe and Mechas in RA3?

EA surprised us when they added a third faction into Red Alert 3 last time.. This time they are making waves again in the gaming community with the release of the E3 trailer for the "Empire of the Rising Sun" a.k.a. Japan..

Given the great technological stuff Japan have in our current world, EA took that and packaged it into a faction which is the Empire itself.. Having that in RA3 makes the game much more interesting..

What I am amazed is that they take some references from animes and implement it in some of the Empire's units.. Examples will be the mechas that are shown in the trailer..

Let us start off with some of the units that the trailer has shown us.. First up, it will be the Mecha Tenga Tengu/Jet Tenga Tengu..
Must be a Macross prototype of VF-25 Messiah.. XD

Well, it is a mixture of the Macross fighter planes-cum-robot and the Japanese Zero Planes.. It is an innovative way to add an air unit which can transform into mobile suits (hovering on land) anytime the player wants them to..

But seriously, it is a NameFAIL.. Mecha Tengu sounds so lame.. I prefer if they have put the word "Gundam" or something extravagant like those in Gundam 00 or Code Geass.. :(

Next up will be King Oni; supersized gundams which look GAR on the battlefield..

Well, I find this unit very unique type.. It is a mixture of gundam-cum-Iron Monger(From Iron Man).. Seriously, this unit looks EPIC to be called King Oni..

A big GAR robot doesn't mean it do "Hulk-Smash" like what Hulk does.. It can:

1) Charge at enemies and on impact 1-hit K.O. it/him..
2) It is a freaking tanker for the Empire..
3) It is mass-produced like those you see in most Gundam series..

Last but not least, it has the ability to shoot laser beams out from it's eyes like Superman.. That is so H4X.. XD

Well, those 2 mechas have tempt me to put this game on priority list..

Okok.. Now onto the last unit shown in the trailer; Sea-Wing/Sky-Wing..
This is freaking awesome!

Sounds alright IMO.. I thought this is a freaking Star Wars spacecraft from the Rebel Alliance in the Battle of Echo Base.. Well, EA didn't just stick it as just an aircraft on air..

As the game is more into sea-battles, EA made the Sky-Wing with an ability to go underwater and turn into a sub..

But seriously, its air-to-surface attacks are like those you can find in some space-based games..

With these ultra-cool units, the battles will be more intense and exciting.. I will give EA a thumbs up for this.. ^^

Well, that is not all.. Every faction comes with their own respective heros/heroines.. In this case, we are talking about the Empire's heroines;

Yuri(ko) Omega

That is one MINDFLY schoolgirl.. :P

Yes, she is actually a Psychic hero character in the game.. Yup, I am not kidding on this one.. And she is wearing school uniform OMG.. But her short twintail destroyed the whole package.. XD

But seriously, the name doesn't suit her.. She needs a more GAR name like err.. Fate Testarossa or Kannu??

But the name Yuriko must have something related to Yuri from RA2 since they said the RA3 is in an "alternate timeline".. Well, whatever the case, RA3 has got me to put it on my top priority list.. To see a short gameplay video of her, click

Before we end this EPIC RA3 entry, I would like to show you the trailer from E3.. Enjoy!!

This game might be one of the best RTS games EA have ever made since C&C Generals.. Looking forward to it.. ^^


  1. I like C&C series and i think this is going to be the best of series...>,<"


    Also you forgot the Tsunami Tank that can go on land or water with ease. Should be interesting.

  3. It's not Japan, it's the Empire of the Rising Sun!

    Okay what the fsck, it's so blatantly Japan-based that my inner fanboy defensive mechanisms fail.

    Also, I demand that there be a RAAAAAAAAAAANKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA scream everytime the plane morphs.

  4. their secret weapon is godzilla.

  5. @ kotza-boom: I am hoping it would be after I find that C&C3 wasn't that great as Generals would be.. ^^

    @ panther: I didn't add that in my list because I didn't find anything interesting from it yet.. Reason is that there are other vehicles that can do land-sea battles..

    @ C.I.: Ranka's MOE-ness will just make any infantry die of massive nosebleed..

    @ gordon: Godzilla? It must be a tamed one right?

  6. I demand Yuriko to be more Yuri and more 子! :\


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