31 July 2008

Classic Anime Revisited - Neo Ranga

It has been a long while since I watched any classic anime shows.. However, after some spring cleaning of the house, I somehow discovered my DVD box of Neo Ranga stashed somewhere in the closet.. Though the cover box is torn in some places, the CDs and the CD casing looks quite intact after 6 years of MIA..

I thought I gave this show another look so that I can recall whats the whole show is about and what made it interesting..

Well, the story goes like this:

The Shimahara sisters (Manami, Ushio, and Yuuhi) are living on their own, with the eldest sister as their breadwinner, when a young man from the fictional South Pacific Island of Barou arrives with news of their long-missing brother.

Their brother had married into the Barou royalty, but since he passed away, leaving the sisters as the hereditary rulers of Barou. As the new rulers of Barou, they now fall under the protection of the island's god, Neo Ranga, which turns out to be a gigantic monster. When Ranga followed them to Tokyo, it soon becomes a source of wonder and conflict for the three sisters that control Ranga, the people who want to destroy it, and ones who want to use it.

After watching quite a number of episodes, I had a nostalgic feeling.. The show is interesting, given its lack of graphics and effects back in the 90s..

On one hand, this looks like it was partially inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, judging by the looks of Neo Ranga; a large semi-organic mecha..

Darn, he even roars like Eva-01 when it goes berserk..

Well, at least this classic show has pretty girls, even lolies too.. ^^

Well, the first few episodes are kinda sketchy but the show will be great somewhere near the end of season 1.. Yes, there is a total of 48 episodes, splitting into 2 seasons..

Maybe I am just a sucker for girls holding weapons but yeah this show does have some nice feeling to it.. I hope I get to finish all episodes by the end of this week before my school projects start to pile up on me..

So let me ask you, what other classic anime shows do you guys watch back then?? ^^


Sere are some wallpapers of the Shimahara sisters with their respective weapons.. These pictures might be NSFW so you can click the button below if the coast is clear.. XD

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  1. Never seen this anime, Ill give it a watch, I hope its as interesting as you made it sound.

  2. Never heard of this anime.. But it sounds good!

    Classic anime shows eh? To name just a few, Doraemon (lol), Conan, and a favorite,
    Chou Hatsumei Boy Kanipan. Not sure if Conan and Chou Hatsume Boy Kanipan are considered classics though. XD

  3. @ bzou: You will love watching trust me.. ^^

    @ mizunaga: Hmm, I never heard of Chou Hatsumei Boy Kanipan.. It looks interesting.. Thanks for the info Chong.. ^^


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