31 May 2008

Figma Fate Barrier Jacket Version

Finally pre-ordered Max Factory figma Fate.. Nope not from La Tendo, but by Hobby Search through Jon.. Thanks dude.. ^^

Anyway, anyone who don't know who is Fate, she is the commander of the Riot Force 6's Forward Lightning Squad and Nanoha's longtime best friend from the anime series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers..

Without interrupting you more, here is some of the pics of what you can get to see from figma Fate..

3 weapon forms from Baradiche (including top picture)..

A close-up of Fate's face...


Release Date: July 2008
Type: ABS & PVC
Scale Height: About 130 mm
Publisher: Max Factory

Well, actully I didn't ask Jon straight-away to order for me the figma Fate.. I went down to La Tendo during lunch to see whether they have any reservations.. Unfortunately there was none about figma Konata nor figma Fate..

Although going there to pre-order was a waste, at least I get to enjoy some rock-climbing competition held there.. Sorry for the blur pictures, those were taken using my Soney Ericsson K630i..

Anyway, the competition is actually called PumpFest.. I wonder why they name it that??

But thanks to Jon, I managed to get a slot of pre-order of figma Fate which should arrive this July.. Another great figurine added into my collection.. ^^

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30 May 2008

Visit to Singapore Flyer

I was feeling bored after finishing my school lesson pretty early.. So I decided to go to Singapore's latest attraction which is the Singapore Flyer..

It's a few minutes walk away from the Esplanade (another attraction) but problem was, I came at the wrong time.. Rain was pouring heavily at town and I was left to quickly take some shots from the roof of the Esplanade..

The Singapore Flyer, so close yet so far..

View of the city from the Esplanade..

I was able to continue my journey to the Flyer when the rain stopped half an hour later.. On my way there, I took random but intersting shots..

Firstly will be this.. This is the base platform so that the people can set up the lightings and stuff for the F1 race event in September..

So what is beyond the Flyer??

A few more metres of walking and I've finally reached at the base of the Flyer.. A magnificent view on ground level..

The view from inside the capsules must be awesome..

So without waiting anymore, I went into the building without hesitation.. Was struck with awe and happiness when I saw the boarding and alighting area for the Flyer up close..

What excite me most is the garden that have been built under the platform.. A very nice garden too..

Though I wonder what info can they provide with an OS that is already shut down..

The platform up close..

And there were smoke machines making smoke effects in the garden..

Not just 1..

But a total of 3 of them..

Enjoy the rest of the shots... ^^

This looks kinda weird for me to take a picture in the toilet.. But guess what, there is something good about going to the toilet..

You see, since the shopping complex is open air, sometimes the place can get so hot that you felt that you gonna melt soon..

However, the toilets in the shopping complex have super-cold aircons that can freeze you back to normal.. The best thing is that they are in full blast so you can enjoy the aircon in the toilet as long as you want.. ^^

If aircon isn't enough for you, you can visit some shops that sells gelato like this one..

More shots of the Flyer..

Entrance sign of the Singapore Flyer..

The map overview of the Singapore Flyer..

After taking alot of pictures of the Singapore Flyer, its time to head back home.. But not before catching some indoor performance by a guy named 'Zingo'???

He's good in making music out from a bicycle.. O.O!

Now for the admission prices:

Standard Flight:
Adult: S$29.50

Express Boarding Flight:
Adult: S$52.00

Signature Cocktail Flight:
Adult: S$69.00

Well, that is all about the Singapore Flyer for now.. I didn't get to board the Flyer itself because I simply can't afford it.. -_-"

However, if you happen to visit Singapore, do ride on the big observation wheel.. ^^

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29 May 2008

EXCLUSIVE StreetFest '08 Dance Videos

Although I made an entry about the Street Festival (StreetFest) a few days ago, I've decided to make another one.. No, it is not another post about more pictures taken during the festival or about the iDOLM@STER pic above..

This time however is about the videos recorded during the festival..

Yup, I'm talking about the videos of the cosplayers and some additional people doing well-known otaku-related dances, such as Nyan Nyan, Danjo, etc...

Now let us begin with the first one which is the group doing Caramelldansen.. Below is a screenshot of the Caramelldansen I made using MikuMikuDance.. For more info about this click here..

Note: All videos embedded here are of "&fmt=18" quality so do not move the progress bar of the player. It is still buggy..

So without further waiting, here is the video..

Next up is the Hare Hare Yukai Dance which most people know about. The dance comes from the ED of Suzumiya Haruhi.

The best thing is is that there have been a Special version of the ED (without the credits and full of dance) and another version that is in 3D and all chracters are wearing costumes instead of uniforms..

Again, here is the grand video of the Hare Hare Yukai Dance.. Enjoy!!

Last but not least we have the Nyan Nyan Dance from the anime series Macross Frontier (or known as Macross F).. The dance was actually done by a character in the anime named Ranka Lee..

I've posted about this dance way before the 2nd Outing so check it out by clicking here..

Anyway, here is the video.. I've edited it so it fit nicely to the Nyan Nyan song Rock Edition.. XD

And there you have it, the dances that are recorded during the StreetFest '08.. Although the dances were alright, I give them an A+ for effort since judging by the Hare Hare Yukai dance, they knew how to dance the full song.. I'm honoured to get a chance to watch that..

These videos are all recorded by my friend, Akabane who used his psp to get the dances (Good Job btw!!)..

I also like to thank Infestor51 for helping me in editing the videos and put in songs, this-that.. ^^

Actually, there is one more video Akabane recorded which is the Danjo dance.. Problem is I couldn't find the song online so I'm putting that on hold till I can find some good source..

However, Jon did post about the original video (minus the music added in) on his blog so check it out.. Click here for the link..

Since I have the edited videos, I want to share them with everyone by putting them on Mediafire, so you can download the videos themselves without the hassle of getting it from youtube..

For Caramelldansen video : Click here..
For Hare Hare Yukai video: Click
For Nyan Nyan video : Click

BTW, will catch the CosCon in the Singapore Toys & Comic Convention this June.. Got an email by the guy about the free pre-entry into the event.. Hope I get a better camera by then.. :)

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28 May 2008

StreetFest '08 Videos Coming Soon..

Mass Caramelldansen.. XD

As what the title says, I've got 4 videos currently in editing, will post about all 4 (or maybe just 2 at the moment) 2morrow..

Man, the Danjo dance is totally Ownage!! ^^

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27 May 2008

Soul Eater Episode 7

The real battle begins in this episode as the focus now shifts with the appearence of the true opponents with Maka & Soul..

Click here to expand

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