30 July 2008

Vocaloid Weekly 43 - Return of Miku for Top 3

Well, it has been awhile since "Seikan Hikou" and Ranka's \m/ has been around and took the top spot of Vocaloid Weekly for the past few weeks.. But in this week, those songs are now pushed behind in term of ranks, although there are 2 new "Seikan Hikou" entries, which include Kaito.. ^^

Now let me show you the video entries:

Part A:

Part B:

Now let us talk about some of the songs:

29 - Miku's rendition of "Seikan Hikou": Still one of the best songs from hatsune Miku. I am still happy that the song is still on top 30..
25 - Love is War: Ryo's songs are excellent. Who couldn't resist listening his songs.
24 - 「卑怯戦隊うろたんだー」をKAITO,MEIKO,初音ミクにry【オリジナル】修正版 : Finally, my prayer has been heard.. Even though it is one of the good songs, it has overstayed in 2nd place on the Vocaloid Weekly.. Well, at least it is still in top 30 right??
06 - 【KAITO】カイトとレンの歌う崖の上のポニョ【鏡音レン】: Well,well,well.. Looks like Bishounen Kaito is the new in-thing eh?? XD

Onto the TOP 3 songs in Vocaloid Weekly:

3rd Place - 【初音ミク】Melody in the sky【オリジナル】: Nice and catchy song.. Can be mistaken as an anime's OP or ED.. The melody is so beautiful, you can listen to it while you are studying IMO.. ^^

2nd Place - 【初音ミク】インカーネイション【オリジナル】: TL;DS.. Why?? The song is about 7mins.. Well, that isn't the problem.. The problem is with its beginning of the music.. It took 2 mins for me to wait until I could hear Miku sing.. What a waste of my precious time.. Well, for the sake of Hatsune Miku.. ^^

1st Place: - 【初音ミク】 えれくとりっく・えんじぇぅ 【オリジナル曲アレンジ】: Ahh, this song is awesome.. I can't help but listen to it a couple of time and still won't get bored about it.. The beat is great and I like the chorus of the song.. I shall add this song into my iPod Shuffle Gen 1..

And now here is the video of the Winner in this week Vocaloid Weekly:

Click here for the NicoNicoDouga link..

Hope you get to enjoy listening to the songs in the Vocaloid Weekly.. As for now, I am going back to catch on Neo Angelique Abyss.. ^^


  1. I like the way you shopped your page into that image. You deserve an internets.

  2. @ フェイダムさん: Thank you so very much.. I just use Gimp to shopped that image.. Its quite easy actually.. ^^


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