11 July 2008

Finally Earned My Driving License

Well, as the title said, I have finally earned myself a Class 3 (Car) Driving License after doing my 1st driving test at the Bukit Batok Driving Centre..

This is one of NERV branches taken from an unknown source

Being a first timer doing test, I was pretty nervous whether or not I could pass the test without causing anything that can get me an immediate failure.. It was nerve-wreaking to say the least..

Anyway, when the test started, I sat down in my driver seat while this "relaxed" uncle a.k.a. the "Tester" was sittting in a very relaxing manner.. How relaxed you might ask??

Well, his left hand was at the passenger-side window while he was marking the paper calmly.. And I swear I got a glimpse of him yawning once too.. XD

It was as if he was taunting me because I bored him to death or something..
Ok, Miku didn't teased me, this is just a reference..

But I do know from friends that they do so to make you feel relaxed rather than stress when you are doing the test.. Well, I think that is sooo true..

Anyway, here is the result of my test:

Score: 10 demerit points (The lower, the better)

Now, I would like to thank everyone who wished me good luck for the test.. I would also like to thank my SP friends for giving me some support and tips on how to fare well for the driving test.. Also, I would like to thank my family for also giving me the support, both verbally and financially..

Last but not least, I would like to thank Tami for telling me to strife on and do the best for the test and try not to get nervous when doing it.. She also told me that I would surely pass the test because its a "women's intuition"..

Well, I didnt believe it at first but that got Tami and Miku quite mad at me...
It is not good when Miku gets mad..

However, the test result proved me wrong and that me feel abit guilty for not believing her.. Anyway, now I believe that there will a slight chance that what Tami says might come true.. XD

Well, having a license now means that I can drive around Singapore if my dad allows me.. However, having a license also means that I have to drive my mum around Singapore when she wants to go shopping once in awhile.. Well, at least I can improve in my driving skill when I do so.. ^^


  1. Congratz, toldcha never to underestimate the power of womens intuition. :D

  2. congrats! that's the phase everybody needs to get through once.. as you drive more often, confidence will build up.. and you wont look back :D


  4. Congratulations and also my condolences - you just raised your chances of dying by a factor of about 5. Seriously. When you drive on the road in SG, you will know what I mean. Remember what I said that day at Sunshine Plaza? Lol.

  5. Congrats Fariz *\(^o^)/*

    Tami> can you tell him he needs to join a trap cosplay team? ^^;

  6. @ everyone: Thanks very very much..

    @ tami: Yes, I will not underestimate the POWAR of women's intuition.. Maybe you can become Team Blue's fortune teller?? ^^

    @ prim3: I believe so too.. Now I will need the assistance of my dad when I drive around in his car to gain the confidence of driving it..

    @ CI: Well, I can give a lift but you have to pay the fare for the journey.. Oil prices are making a big hole in many people's wallet..

    @ panther: I take that as an advise from the great Banchou.. ^^

    @ squee: LOL nice one squee.. I will never cosplay as a TRAP.. Evar!! XD

  7. good. now u can learn how to drift. ^^;

  8. Anonymous9:35 AM

    grats! is it hard to pass the test in singapore? here in the states it's varies a lot... from city to city you're really just at the mercy of your test proctor. i lucked out and my test was really easy. didn't even have to parallel park ^^; i heard it's really strict in japan, but other than that, really haven't learned much about international driving tests...

  9. A little late, but congratulations Asuka! ^^

    Yes yes, Gordon is right! Next step is to learn to drift! xD

  10. hey im even later.

    but ANYWAY congrats!

    drive safe ^^

    ah yes, no drink driving, NEVER.


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