05 July 2008

Singapore CosFest 2008 Day 1

Well, the CosFest (Cosplay Festival) is here again, this time in its 7 year.. The location of the event has never change since it first started; Pasir Ris Downtown East..

Lets start off with the CosFest Graffiti Wall located near the entrance of the big tent that houses the stalls; doujins and more..

The tent also houses the stage for the CosFest competition.. Though fot the 1st day its more for the Anime Singing Competition and the Anime Dubbing contest..

Among the rows of stalls, one particular stall intrigue me.. It's the "... Paradise" shop (Sorry the dakimakuras blocked the first half of the stall's name..).. Well, what intrigues me??

Its simple.. Its the dakimakuras.. Panther and CI loved to see those.. Louise dakimakura anyone?? ^^

There are also Shana and Hiiragi dakimakuras for those Shana or Lucky Star fans...

Other than just the dakimakuras and normal fan items, there was a special booth specially located almost at the centre to show some of the cosplay costumes..

I particularly find the Haruhi cosplay costume interesting.. Though I cant imagine alot of people who can fit into it.. :(

For the start of here all the way down is the pictures of some of the cosplayers I took when I was there.. Sorry if the picture appeared blur or not focus since it is due to poor indoor lighting..

Anyway, enjoy looking at the pictures.. ^^

Doctor Stein eating Chupa-Chups??

This Yuki cosplayer looks gorgeous, no??

Panther, as per usual.. :P

Fuko from Clannad.. Gordon's favourite Clannad character.. Love the wooden star she is holding..

The Beatmania couple..

And who can forget other than the Sailormoon group cosplayers.. Yes, they made their appearence at the CosFest to much fanfare.. Well, how much do I mean??

Well, take a look at this..

Now thats what I call L33T, no doubt about it..

From Crisis Core game..

Now this is one of the best cosplay which is very nice, the KOS-MOS cosplayer..

She looks totally hawt plus her costume fits the person perfectly..

But after that, someone else took that spot.. It was Gundam Exia cosplayer.. This one totally rocks!!

Well, it is hard for ppl to find a "1/20 scale" of Gundam Exia, let alone a live one.. Even the eyes of the gundam is glowing blue..

However, his appearence made KOS-MOS pretty angry..

Even through negotiations, nothing came through so Exia was forced to battle her..

In the end, gundam Exia won the battle, though the GN Drive's energy ran out a while after the battle ended..

Even the cosplayer wearing it is sweating like crazy even by wearing the whole suit for only a couple of minutes..

More cosplay pics.. Lol @ "Anon" character..

So at the end of the day, I find myself being satisfied since day 1 of CosFest isn't a total FAIL like some people expect it to be..

Anyway, other than just taking shots of cosplay, I've managed to purchase an OST+Doujin manga from Collateral Damage (CDS); TALISMAN..

I shall post about it in a couplse of days.. But as for now I would like to thank you for reading this tl;dr post.. There would be more to come for the 2nd day of CosFest where the World Cosplay Summit will be held.. Expect more good cosplayers 2morrow.. ^^

Anyway, if you want to see more of the 1st day of CosFest you can click the links below:

Part 1
Part 2

As for now, I shall get some rest for 2morrow's CosFest.. ^^


  1. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Nice blogging dude! Singapore girls are cute! :3

    I'm interested in the Cosfest Graffiti Wall.. what is it exactly? Is there a prize or something?

  2. FUKO~! thanks for taking a pic of the Fuko cosplayer. though i kinda imagine Fuko to be younger. ^^;

    btw the merchandise store seems like the same one from the world book fair not long ago. from taiwan. i kinda recognise the uncle too from your pic. i'm sorry to say the things he sells are mostly bootleg. like those u can find in comic connection. u can also tell by the lousy quality of his dakimakura. wrinkled.

    anyway the exia is cool. sugoi~

  3. What per usual? The Deedlit cosplayer probably recognized me from Streetfest. Blah.


  4. @ anonymous: Thanks a million!! There were some good female cosplayers during the 1st day of the event..

    The CosFest Graffiti Wall is just a wall specially made to those who want to put their name on it.. But instead of just names, everyone who put their name there also drew pictures of characters they know.. Most of them are beautifully drawn..

    I'm not sure whether there is a contest for it.. Sorry.. :(

    @ gordon: I'm pleased to see that you are happy about the Fuko cosplayer.. Well, time has passed so maybe that is the reason for her being abit older?? XD

    Ouh?? Hmm, even with bootleg stuffs, I still may consider buying some items from it.. An no it is not the dakimakuras.. :P

    @ panther: LOL.. Well, lets wait and see for the 2nd day of the event.. Maybe there will be a cosplayer worth taking photo with?? ^^

  5. EPIC!

    I really wish I were there now. orz

    I'm biased, but I like the D.Gray-man Lenalee and the Geass group~ And needless to say, but I love the Exia and KOS-MOS cosplay too!

    BTW- that exact same anon was around during the ACGC over here! His hair and physique match.


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