13 July 2008

Gundam 00 Characters & Mechs Info Updated

Well, it has been a while since the last episode of Gundam 00 season 1 a few months ago.. We have seen the death of Lockon Stratos, the destruction of Exia and Kyrios Gundam and also an emotional goodbye to Emo Tieria..

Now, after waiting for a few months, Sunrise has finally announced the Season 2 of the show on their website.. They have also released pictures of the older 4 Meisters that were in season 1 of Gundam 00 and their new respective gundams..

Setsuna looking more matured.. Or is he?? Well, we do not know till the anime comes out this October..

One thing I know is that their purpose still remains the same; to “extermination of war through military prowess”...

The story however is of course different than in Season 1.. Here is the plot:

The Second Season is now the Federation vs. Anti-Federation.

The story follows the confrontation between the independent security enforcement organization within the Federation called “Arrows” which suppresses the Anti-Federation elements.

Well, this isn't a surprise actually judging by the last episode of Gundam 00 Season 1.. I wonder what mobile suits/armours the Anti-Federation are going to use to fight those "Knight" Gundams..

Anyway let us get to see the 4 Meisters, some new, some old..

Let us start with Setsuna F. Seiei.. Well, hes grown to become a more mature person, even taking a leadership role of the Meister after the death of Lockon in Season 1..

Wow, would you believe that Lockon Stratos is revived or somewhat cloned after that fiery explosion in Season 1??

Well, apparently both of them are wrong.. This is actually Lockon's brother, Lyle Dylandy (And I thought Lockon was Dylandy himself.).. Lyle took over his brother's role as a sniper, but is still a newbie within the Meister group...

Next up will be the new emotional Allelujah.. Apparently after losing his other personality/friend Hallelujah in the last episode of Gundam 00 season 1 and finding out that the Super Soldier Girl is actually Soma, he has become an introvert person..

Last but not least we have Tieria Erde.. He has finally dropped Veda as a HEAD figure and is trying to develop himself as an individual rather then a slave in the Celestial Beings workings...

Well after knowing the characters, let us look at their new gundams..

Let us begin with Setsuna's new gundam, the GN-0000 00 Gundam.. Notice the 2 GN drivers, one at each side of the shoulders..

Next will be Lyle Dylandy new gundam, Keldim Gundam.. Now there is only one shield-on-shoulder instead of Lockon's Dynames Gundam which had 2.. Maybe this is made to make Keldim more agile than Dynames..

No on to Allelujah's gundam, Arios Gundam.. Well, nothing very distinct here other than just a nicer-looking design of the gundam.. Maybe the gundam will look even better in plane mode??

Last but not least we have Tieria's gundam, Selavii Gundam.. BIGGER than ever.. Firepower from this baby still unknown..

But you have guessed that the new gundams' circular orb-thingy on their chest is no longer visible..

I believe that the Season 2 will be better than Season 1 since there is a base storyline and that everyone now has their own mobile suits.. It will be a pretty EPIC battle.. I'm sure it would not be a disappointment... ^^

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  1. So is Setsuna still Gundam?

  2. @ CI: Yes he is.. He is Gundam 00's Kira Yamato.. ^^

  3. tieria still looks the same. he (she) is a droid after all.

    btw the names of the new gundams areg etting hard to remember. :-/

    lastly i think there's a typo in the last paragraph. "season 2 will be better than Season 2"

  4. Thanks for pilot info~ I was wondering if they pulled a Mu La Flaga on Lockon.. ^^;

    Will be interesting to see Setsuna now. I can't wait for season 2!

  5. @ gordon: Yeah, I'm having trouble remembering Selavii Gundam (Saliva? Cell-Lavi? ).. XD

    Thanks for the info Gordon.. I didn't noticed that big typo error.. It has now been fixed.. ^^

  6. @ mizunaga: No problem.. I was thinking the same way too when I saw the Lockon character as one of the 4 Meisters in GN00 Season 2..

    Yeah, Setsuna is now the new leader of the Meisters.. Lets see how good the show is gonna be... ^^

  7. lol, comparing the characters with SEED..
    looks like SEED really give a big impact on everyone..

    gonna try this serie then..
    everyone says it's good.

  8. @ Chus: Arigato.. Thanks for visiting my blog.. ^^

  9. Anonymous10:15 PM

    wait a minute!!! i though lockon is alive! so... that his twin brother replacing him! heheheh.... i will expect that his sniping skills is better than his brother XD

  10. @ Anonymous: Yeah, that was my first thought when I saw the character list.. But after some read up, it isn't Lockon.. =(

    As you said, I hope his sniping skill is good too since he is a member of Cataron.. ^^

  11. ChibiChubi9:22 AM

    Erm question. Isn't A-laws instead of arrow? and i thought tierias gundam was called Seravee?
    and um i dont think those gundam Mobile Suits are gundams 0_o. they look waaay different to gundams

  12. Anonymous1:09 AM

    is it me or dose setsunas 1st gandam look a little like the gundam from Gundam Wing?? likethe chest peices on the 2 of them are almost set up the same hahaha i tend to notice those little things


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