20 October 2008

Anime Baka is Moving

Yes, you heard it right.. I am finally shifting to Wordpress.. But this isn't the original free Wordpress site where most do go to.. My brother got his friend to give him some server space to create our very own Team Blog name; Kyouran Kyodai (Frenzy Brothers in Japanese)..

Initially, I thought of simply moving to a free Wordpress blog but since it is free, there are alot of limitations which I find it frustating, eg. Unable to put in the Miku Clock and putting embedded video onto the site..

Although I have shifted to Wordpress, I have to take my time and move every post that I see fit to be placed at the Kyouran Kyodai site.. I surely need help from my brother to speed up the process..

Moving to a new site will take a while..

Anyway, here is our blog banner, do put it up.. ^^
Well, I guess this is the end of Anime Baka then.. I am not going to close down Anime Baka yet, so you can take your time and read them.. Maybe I'm gonna need Yoko to help me shift some stuffs along.. ^^

So do go and visit Kyouran Kyodai from now on.. Hope to see you there.. xD

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19 October 2008

Ornate October Figure Shoot Preview..

It was one of those days during each month where Team Blue will organise an event.. This month was the "Figurative Story" where people tell stories with whatever pictures they took during each photoshoot.. This week was the 2nd photoshoot held for this month and which me and my brother, Infestor51 attended..

We couldn't attend the previous figure shoot the week before due to Hari Raya outing.. Anyway, in this week Figure Shoot, I brought along my figurine, Saika S. Farnese.. The pictures I took of her looks great, better than what I've expected..

I will upload every picture I took during the figure shoot on photobucket very soon.. Im currently on medication but I will have to see a doctor very soon since my asthma is getting worse..

BTW, I just got my Luchinni from Chibihien a few weeks after he got it from Hobby Link Japan.. I shall post a figure review of her, after I do a preview of figma Miku and GSC 1/8 Miku..
I shall wait for the night pictures of Saika S. Farnese from Wcloudx a.k.a. Jon so that I can do an event coverage of it.. ^^

I wish all the best for those going for a karaoke session later today.. I don't think me and Infestor51 will be able to make it.. Pity.. =(

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18 October 2008

Ornate October Fantasy Figurine

Saika S. Farnese will be my figurine for today's Figure Shoot

Later on today, Team Blue is going to have its second "Figurative Story" Photoshoot.. The event will be held at both Japanese and Chinese Garden.. Firstly, during the afternoon, it will be held at Japanese Garden since the scenery is very beautiful if you can find those spots..

Then during the night, we will be heading down to Chinese Garden since the Japanese Garden closes about 7pm there.. Anyway, looking at the theme chosen for today's figure shoot; "Fantasy", I thought of bringing along a figurine..
NO!! Not Nendo Miku.. Well, I would like to bring her along but she isn't suitable for a "Fantasy" Shoot.. Anyways, as shown in the picture at the top, I shall bring along the first figurine I got; Saika S. Farnese from the game, Pastel Chimes Continue.. ^^
Saika S. Farnese looks smexy.. xD

For more info about this Figure Shoot, please visit Team Blue blog here.. Well, I am going to take a good long rest after my first week of internship.. Maybe if I have a couple of free time, I will go and merge my blog into Kyouran Kyoudai..

Till then, take care.. ^^

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17 October 2008

Vocaloid Weekly 54 - Rocking Along With Rin

Even though I begun working as an intern for a company, I do spend some time to do the Vocaloid Weekly as per normal.. For this week Vocaloid Weekly, we get to see some great new songs by various music composers unlike the past few weeks where only a small handful which I found very interesting..

Well, examples of some of the good songs in this week Vocaloid Weekly were 【初音ミク】 『 Wish 』 【オリジナル曲】and 【鏡音リン・レン】置き去り月夜抄【童話風オリジナル】.. Well, more on them below.. Do get to listen to those songs.. ^^

Now let us take a look at this Vocaloid Weekly #54:

Part A:

Part B:

As per usual,lets move on to some of the songs in Vocaloid Weekly 54:

22 - 【初音ミク鏡音リンレン】 トラボティック・ワールド 【オリジナル曲】: A very nice song made together with a very unique video.. This video shows a RPG world called the Torabotic World.. The music sung by Hatsune Miku sounds so beautiful and it is perfectly fit for a RPG game.. The picture of the Kagamine Twins together with Hatsune Miku riding a something looks pretty.. ^^
17 - 【初音ミク】 『 Wish 』 【オリジナル曲】: A very nice and catchy music sung by Hatsune Miku.. The music together with the keyboard playing along sounds so soothing that it may help make you feel relax especially during the rush hour on a public transport for people like me.. xD Anyway, the picture of Hatsune Miku in this video looks nice.. I need to find the original picture of that.. XD
09 - 【初音ミク】 「みくみくちぇっく♪-Full ver-」 【オリジナル】: A very hip song that have you dancing along with the tune of the music.. I especially love the chorus as it is very catchy and the tune will let you enjoy the song even when you are feeling down, maybe even cheering you up.. I can see a video for this coming very soon since this song is beautifully made.. I added this song into my MP3 player..
07 - 【アレンジ】悪ノ召使をゴシックにしてみた【鏡音レンオリジナル曲】: This song by the Kagamine Twins is simply amazing.. This song is 100% similar to the song 【鏡音レン】悪ノ召使【中世物語風オリジナル】 just that the song is played slower,which sounds way nicer IMO.. The song is very mesmerizing, even the chorus of the song which will leave you look with well, amazement.. xD
04 - [初音ミク]僕みたいな君 君みたいな僕[オリジナル曲]: A very sweet and beautiful song sung by Hatsune Miku.. The song starts out slow and then the drum beats together with the guitars will join in.. Even though the song is slow for some,I do find this song very nice indeed.. A must listen to all.. ^^

Now let us move on to the TOP 3 songs in this week Vocaloid Weekly:

3rd Place - 【鏡音リン・レン】置き去り月夜抄【童話風オリジナル】: A very catchy and mezmerizing song sung by the Kagamine Twins.. The song is beautifully made and I simply love the simple yet nice drum beat which plays along the song nicely.. I love Kagamine Len's voice during the chorus as the rest of the song is mostly sung by Kagamine Rin.. I do find the video very nice and cool.. Simple yet unique.. =3
2nd Place - 【初音ミク】よっこらせっくす【鏡音リン・レン】: What can I say about this song? Well, it is.. BEAUTIFUL!! Yes, you heard e right, well.. Only the music only.. The song sounds very catchy.. Ok, now about the video itself.. It is WRONG >9000!!.. Well, who knows, people do get nosebleed just by looking at the "Sexy" Kaito and Gackpoid.. xD
1st Place - 鏡音レンオリジナル曲 「鏡音レンの暴走(LONG VERSION)」: Same as last week, the song is nice yet very random.. I do find this song very catchy,especially at the beginning of the song.. It will be awesome to see a videoof the whole song instead of just a static image transition.. it sure will look quite hectic, epsecially with Kagamine Len singing the song very fast.. -_-;;

This week's songs are mostly full of WINs.. The music sounds so beautiful that some will really amaze you till you want it placed so badly into your MP3 player or on a CD so that you can listen to them in your own vehicle.. Songs like 【初音ミク】 『 Wish 』 【オリジナル曲】are quite nice to listen to while some like 【アレンジ】悪ノ召使をゴシックにしてみた【鏡音レンオリジナル曲】 can make it to the TOP 3 spots for th upcoming Vocaloid Weekly #55..

Well, what I do understand about the song 鏡音レンオリジナル曲 「鏡音レンの暴走(LONG VERSION)」 getting the TOP spot sounds reasonable since the song is quite catchy if you listen to the song closely.. But what I don't understand is the song 【初音ミク】よっこらせっくす【鏡音リン・レン】where we have 2 almost naked males (Kaito and Gackpoid) shaking their hips and running here and there.. But I think their respective fans don't mind such small stuffs.. xD

As per usual, lets take a look at this week Top Winner & 1 best song of the week:

16 - 【鏡音レン】Imitator【オリジナル】

1st Place - 鏡音レンオリジナル曲 「鏡音レンの暴走(LONG VERSION)」

For more info, you can visit the NicoVideo site..

The first week of my internship is almost over and Im feeling kinda down.. Well, if I do have the mood and time, I will blog about the reasons for that soon.. Anyway, I get to learn some new stuff on Java while I apply some skills I learn during my studies in Singapore Polytechnic..

Well, thats all I have to blog about for this week Vocaloid Weekly.. I didn't have enough time to complete it before 12.30am since I cam home late and my room was abit messy so cleaning up took awhile.. Anyway, Im gonna take a rest now so that I have enough energy to go to work later today.. ^^

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16 October 2008

World is Mine by RYO feat. Hatsune Miku and Tissue Hime

Being a Hatsune Miku fan, I went in search for any nice Hatsune Miku-related videos on Youtube and found this video of the famous Tissue Hime; A guitarist who cosplay as Yuki from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.. He was doing a Hatsune Miku song by RYO called "World is Mine", playing his bass guitar..

His bass guitar playing is awesome.. Well, I do love how well the video is made, following some scenes from the original "World is Mine" MV.. Now, I would like to present to you the video.. ^^

I hope you get to enjoy the video by Tissue Hime.. And guess what? He will get to appear on her upcoming TV commercial for the cellphone novel Kimi No Sei with other popular niconico performers Shachou, nayuta and Sandai guitar damashii.. Thanks to Mikufan for this great video...

Do wait for it!! ^^

Edit: I totally forgot Tissue Hime was a he.. Gomenasai..

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15 October 2008

Miku Project DIVA At TGS'08

Recently, during the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 08, Sega showed a live feed which showcase all the new games that will be release onto the market in the coming months and also next year.. Thanks to Kevinay for providing the link, I reserved some free time to take a look at the Hatsune Miku Project DIVA showcase..

The event was called 「咲と麻美の恋スルラジオ in 東京ゲームショウ(架空)」, which means “Saki and Asami’s love Sururaji in the Tokyo Game Show (Fictional)”. The event was held on October 12, at 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Japan Time) in the Tokyo Game Show SEGA Stage, and was limited to only 300 person...
I waited about 1 hour for the Hatsune Miku Project DIVA showcase to begin.. Unfortunately during that time, here is what I got, LIVE!! X3
LIVE feed is "LIVE"...

Yeah, its either the cameraman or someone from Sega who didn't want to let the online viewers like me to see what they were showing to the 300 people.. What a waste of time and effort for Miku fans, including me; The Miku Guardian..

Fortunately, Dengeki was kind enough to take some shots of the Miku Project DIVA showcase during the TGS.. There were alot of great info just by looking at the pics.. More on that below.. As for now, take a look at them.. ^^
Some new nice details were released by Saki Fujita, Hatsune Miku’s voice actress, and Asami Shimoda, Kagamine Rin and Len’s voice actress... 2 for the price of one.. Wish I was there.. xD
Sega showed Miku’s smooth 3D movement in the game... She looks cool.. I seriously need a live feed for that..
Next, both Seiyuus showed the custom made clothings that will be available in the game.. Some of them looks very pretty IMO, especially the Nekomimi costume (2 pics below).. xD
Miku looks kawaii in Nekomimi outfit..

Now comes the best part.. Saki Fujita and Asami Shimoda announced to everyone that Miku will not be alone in Miku's Project DIVA..
Reason is that SEGA has decided to add in Kagamine Rin and Len into the game.. Looks better than the 3D Miku they showed a while back.. Well, we have to see the Kagamine Twins in action to find out.. ^^
Whatever company made those Miku and Kagamine Rin figurines, I want them NAO!!

Well, thats it from the "LIVE" feed of Miku Project DIVA.. I hope you all got a chance to see the pictures since the LIVE feed didnt show all, especially this game.. Well, its now time for me to go back to sleep..

I shall post more Hatsune Miku news later on when time permits.. Till then, have fun with whatever you are doing rite now.. xD

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13 October 2008

First Day of Job

Well, I just got my posting at a company near Paya Lebar Rd called NexLabs recently.. I'm currently working on a project (Yes, I was given on 1st day of work) and I am having some minor difficulty doing it since it requires Java which I have forgotten about it since 2 years back.. -_-;

But the good thing is that I do have some recollection of what I did 2 years ago on Java.. I will do my best during my internship and well, learn from the work experience.. Sadly, there isn't any females working at the company.. =3
Fortunately, I will still use some of my spare time to watch anime and do my regular blogging.. Till then, I need to get some sleep.. Nite everyone.. ^^

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12 October 2008

Vocaloid Weekly 53 - Wild Randomness

I thought as the new Vocaloid Weekly comes, it will be filled with beautiful and nice songs that will mesmerize you.. In this week however, the ranking is filled with wild randomness songs.. What do I mean by that? Well, to put it this way; Songs which have nice music but weird video or VICE VERSA..

Well, there are some good songs in the rankings such as 【初音ミク】 RGB 【オリジナル】, 【鏡音レン】Imitator【オリジナル】 and 【MEIKO・KAITO】番凩【オリジナル】.. These songs have proven themselves as nice songs with a nice video that come with the whole song.. But the best part would be the TOP rank, but I would not spoil you the secret till you watch the video.. ^^;

Now let us take a look at this Vocaloid Weekly #53:

Part A:

Part B:

Part C:

Moving on to some of the songs in Vocaloid Weekly #53:

30 - 初音ミク が オリジナル曲を歌ってくれたよ「恋は戦争」: Also known by everyone as Love is War, this song by Ryo has make a comeback to the TOP 30 rankings.. Although I find the song abit weird at the beginning, I grew too fond of it after some time listening to it.. Also the tune is very catchy, especially the chorus.. I also like the pictures of Miku holding the megaphone being surrounded by Bigger "Megaphones"..
23 - 【初音ミク】 RGB 【オリジナル】: Well, as the title says, this is the "Red, Green, Blue" song by Hatsune Miku.. A very unique and catchy song which will leave you mesmerize when you listen to it.. I do find the video very eye-catching; simple yet interesting.. Its about this guy (a.k.a. Kaito) watching Miku in the computer screen.. Well, do listen to this cute song.. ^^
15 - 鏡音レン】Imitator【オリジナル】: A song by Kagamine Len, this song have a very beautiful traditional music playing.. I love the melody of the song, very sweet to listen to.. I do love the art of Kagamine Len in this video.. This song is worth watching too and I've added this song into my MP3 for its uniqueness.. ^^
14 - 【鏡音レン】「SADISTIC VAMPIRE」【オリジナル曲】: A very slow and retro song by the Kagamine Twins.. Not my favourite but it has that catchy tune that will tempt you to listen to the whole song.. You either love or dislike this song, since it is hard to tell whether or not this song is nice or not..
04 - 【MEIKO・KAITO】番凩【オリジナル】: A duet by Kaito and Meiko, this song will amaze you with their beautiful voice and wonderful music.. The feudal age music will awe you when you listen to this song.. The picture of Kaito and Meiko together is very sweet indeed.. This is another song I would recommend everyone to listen to.. ^^

Now let us move on to the TOP 3 songs in this week Vocaloid Weekly:

3rd Place - 【初音ミク】shiningray【オリジナル】: A very good song indeed, considering it managed to stay within the TOP 3 spots since last week.. This song, sung by Hatsune Miku will mesmerize you with her beautiful voice and nice rocking music.. This song is in need for a video to make it famous.. I do love this song and I have added this into my Miku song collection.. xD
2nd Place - 【初音ミク】よっこらせっくす【鏡音リン・レン】: I LOL'ed at this when I watch the video.. It is somewhat disturbing, especially to Gackpoid and Kaito's fans out there.. Simply put it, they are wearing Mankini (Male version of the Female Bikini) It is abit fugly to see them showing their butts at you.. Ok, Nuff said.. Well at least I find the song catchy, but thats all to it.. x.X
1st Place - 鏡音レンオリジナル曲 「鏡音レンの暴走(LONG VERSION)」: An insane song by the Kagamine Twins and also Hatsune Miku.. Well this is crazier than Miku's 初音ミクオリジナル曲 「初音ミクの消失(LONG VERSION)」 just by listening to this song.. I love how this song is made even in the midst of the craziness.. Although you might find this song weird by first impression, you will get to love this song pretty soon.. ^^

Like I've said before, this week Vocaloid Weekly is filled with random madness songs, some are which are good while some are well, just plain weird.. I took a liking to 鏡音レンオリジナル曲 「鏡音レンの暴走(LONG VERSION)」 after a while of listening to it.. I do hope it gets to stay in 1st Place for at least another week since its pretty nice indeed.. We will never know till the next Vocaloid Weekly arrives.. ^^

Well, this time, my eyes got hurt when I saw 【初音ミク】よっこらせっくす【鏡音リン・レン】.. I seriously think that the person who made it has a fetish for Kaito and Gackpoid.. Well, I think I need to avoid that song for while now.. =3

Well, lets take a look at this week Top Winner & 1 best song of the week:

04 - 【MEIKO・KAITO】番凩【オリジナル】

1st Place - 鏡音レンオリジナル曲 「鏡音レンの暴走(LONG VERSION)」

For more info, you can visit the NicoVideo site..

I think I am starting to dislike joining doing attachment since I know that I will have lesser time to post here on Anime Baka.. But since its part of my learning experience, I think I will do my best and I will try adjusting my schedule to fit work into my already hectic schedule..

Whatever the case, I will still find time to watch animes and also do my regular posting.. Till then I will need a good long rest since my work as an intern will begin later.. So I will see you guys as soon as I come back from home.. ^^

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Hawt Wizard in Diablo 3

Hawt Wizard is Hawt..

After a few months of waiting, EA and Blizzard have both release their respective game trailers on their games; Red Alert 3 and Diablo 3 respectively.. After looking at the trailers, I felt that I should rather buy the game than go the "normal way".. Both games looks quite good judging at the gameplay trailers.. RA3 will be shown later.. ^^

BTW, lets take a look at Diablo 3's new trailer.. This trailer showcase the announcement of a new class for the game itself; The Wizard..
Judging by the trailer, it seems that the battle took place at the same church in Diablo 2; The Tristum Church..
The trailer later proceeds on to showing some of the Wizard's skills in-game.. Pretty amazing actually, especially the effects of the spells..

First up being the Lightning attack..
This is sooo Star Wars: Unleashed..

There is also the Freeze Shot.. Freezing a big monster is a big advantage since those monsters can deal high dmg..
But I do prefer doing the "Slow-Bubble" skill.. I love how she can push back the orbs after they slowed down in her "Slow-Bubble"..
Does the "Mothership" in Starcraft 2 rings a bell?

Last but not least, we get to see one of the bosses in Diablo 3; the Undead King.. This seems like the Undead King in Lord of The Ring.. I was tempted to play this game ASAP as soon as I saw the boss.. I wonder what kind of attacks he can do..
Will he have a 1-Hit Kill skill? We will never know till the game is out.. But before that, I need to get myself a new laptop to play any new games such as RA3 and Diablo 3..

BTW, here is the trailer for the Wizard class in Diablo 3.. Enjoy!!

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