15 July 2008

FREEing’s Lu Bu Open for Pre-Orders

I thought that after pre-ordering Art Storm's Limit Gunz, I wished that there will never be anymore awesome figures that deserve to be purchased by me.. Unfortunately, I am terribly wrong..

Good Smile Company has finally announced a 1/6 figure of Lu Bu (Ren) or Ryoufu Ren by Google Translate from the eroge game turned anime Koihime Musou... Even Wcloudx and Danny Choo posted about this.. ^^

Well, the figure looks pretty awesome IMO.. FREEing impressed me with them doing some details on the weapon and also Ryoufu's outfit...

Seriously, she is simply too beautiful..

Rear View... The weapon is simply fabulous..

Close-up of Ryoufu.. She is just too gorgeous, no??

Well, this figure is up for pre-orders at Hobby Search at about 9800 Yen or about SGD$121.. I am waiting for Panther to receive his pre-order list from La Tendo to see how much does she cost without the hassle of shipping fees..

Well, I am not sure whether to make a pre-order of this figure as I have currently $$$$...

Well, to commemorate this first figure from Koihime Musou, I shall put up the full character list from the show..

From the top. Left To Right.

Shu :-
Ma Chao. Huang Zhong. Zhuge Liang. Guan Yun. Zhang Fei. Zhao Yun.

Wei :-
Xiahou Dun. Xun Yu. Cao Cao. Xu Chu. Xiahou Yuan.

Wu :-
Xiao Qiao. Zhou Yu. Da Qiao. Sun Shang Xiang. Sun Quan. Gan Ning. Lu Xun.

Dong :-
Hua Xiong. Lu Bu. Dong Zhou. Zhang Liao. Jia Xu.

Yuan :-
Wen Chou. Yuan Shao. Yan Liang.

Enjoy watching the anime... First episode of Koihime Musou was great.. ^^


  1. She looks good overall, but not too sure about her (viewing) eyes.. Hmm.. :\

  2. @ mizunaga: You might be right... There is something weird about her (viewing) eyes.. O.O

    But since overall is good, I will wait for La Tendo to make its weekly Pre-order list so I may pre-order her from them.. ^^

  3. Anonymous2:41 PM

    think i'd have to see that base in person... doesn't really do it for me in the pics.

    ...series sure has a lotta potential for figures thou ^_^


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