13 July 2008

Island Resort @ East Coast Park

This is nostalgic...

It has been awhile since I've been to this chalet spot.. This is where alot of families used to gather during the weekends or even during the school holidays...

The place was called the Costa Sands Resort, owned by NTUC Club back then.. It ceased operation in 3rd January 2006 and was slated to be demolished for something else..

However, that did not happen and now the place is back to business.. Currently, all some of the chalets are undergoing renovation...

The reason I was there is to attend my mum's friend's daughter's birthday (Hope it is not complicated).. Anyway, after chatting with them and eating together, I wanted to kill some time by taking a few shots of the skies from the beach..

Island Resort from the beach..

The Safety First signs located at certain parts of the beach.. The signs are centuries old just by looking at the colour-faded pictures..

I didn't know the Singapore's water is green.. XD

Ok, after taking some random shots, I finally took my time taking some pictures of the beautiful clouds from the beach area..

I would like to apologise for the bluriness since I was using my dad's N82 to do so.. DSLR camera coming soon.. Anyway, enjoy the pictures..

Shot of the City from East Coast Park..

This is my favourite shot taken there..

Well, it has been a good time being there even for a few hours.. Looking at people having fun at the beach does bring back good memories..

However, things still never change like this for example..

Rubbish thrown on the beach is still a normal sight here in Singapore beaches, not just East Coast park.. I'm not being EVIL or something.. I'm just telling that people should respect the beach and throw litters in bins rather than throwing them elsewherea at the park..

Well, thats all I have for today.. Well, this is kind of a late post anyway.. I fell asleep due to being tired from driving for almost half a day..

P.S.: To Team Blue, sorry for not chatting much in the MSN chat yesterday.. Was very tired.. Gomen.. :(


  1. no pics of bikini babes? ^^;

  2. @ gordon: I did took some of them, but all in my HDD, somewhere within my secret stash.. XD

  3. Really nice pictures of the sky. I especially love the third and fourth pictures.


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