24 July 2008

DARN!! I Has Screwed Youtube Account..

Seriously, I didn't expect this to happen but when I got the ebil news from my bro, Infestor51, I was like -_-" .. And I thought it was a joke honestly.. Well, here is the story..

Some of you might have noticed that while reading some of the entries, you might have found out that the videos posted under my own youtube account; "Universalstrikers" was not loading anymore..

After going through the situation, pressing "F5" as many times as I can and a few scratches on my head, I found out that my Youtube account got banned for eternity.. :(

I felt crushed that my "hard work" finding Hatsune Miku songs and posting it on Youtube to share to the world was gone in just a few minutes.. Miku fans will be abit disappointed that their video links got disconnected..

There is also the StreetFest 08 videos Akabane recorded and which me and my bro did some video editing for Youtube.. They are also gone in a flash.. Pity.. However, I still have the original copy somewhere in my HDD of my laptop..

What is the main reason is that Kadokawa Pte Ltd told Youtube to delete any videos that is copyrighted under it.. Apparently, the Shiraishi's ED in one of the Lucky Star episode was the source that casues the permenant deletion of my account..

However, I am still abit angry at Youtube for doing that rather than just doing the normal way which is to delete the video related to the problem and warned the user not to do so again..

I can almost join the rank of the Angry German Kid in terms of feeling angry.. ^^

Even Miku-chan was feeling abit pissed that her videos I posted under my account (all videos are from their respective owners and not me..) got deleted too.. They will have some explanation to do when they meet up with her.. XD
She looks so cute even when she is angry.. XD

To those whose Youtube account got deleted before, how did you feel??

In order to cheer you up, I shall give you this Pikachu cosplayer.. ^^

I has no MUDKIPZ.. Do you??


  1. sad to hear that dude. they should just send a warning e-mail or just delete that particular video.

    are u considering of opening a new account?

    anyway i have a new banner for team blue. u may use this new one here ^^;

  2. Ouch Fariz, Ouch. Never knew youtube's staff could be such total nazis.

  3. @ gordon: Yup, I am going to make a new account very soon.. Videos I will be uploading will be mostly Hatsune Miku..

    Youtube cant ban me for that right?? XD

    @ C.I.: Yeah, they has no mercy when it comes to removing videos.. I need an AT shield for my new account..

  4. lol~ And I didn't get banned when I uploaded a whole episode of Trinity Blood.. What lulz.


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