07 July 2008

CosFest Goodies

For the past 2 days, I am amazed that I took about a total of 600+ pictures just by using my dad's N82 (Consider already good by some as there are other photographers who have at least 1200+ pictures using awesome digital cameras)..

Well, other than having to take pictures during the event, one can even buy stuffs at the event location itself..

I've bought some during the CosFest and I am now proud to showcase them to you the items at hand.. First up is an OST + ArtBook; "Talisman" by Collateral Damage (CDS)..

The inside of the CD box..

The right side of the box containing the OST cd..

The left side of the box containing the Art pieces..

Artwork of Reimu Hakurei.. Simply beautiful I might say.. ^^

Wished I got the Hatsune Miku version.. :P

Then other than just an artwork, there is also a short doujinshi (CDS referred as Doujin Manga)..

It contains many pictures of Hatsune Miku and Reimu Hakurei.. Quite an awesome work if you asked me..

The OST cd contains 3 songs:

1) Life Stram feat. Hatsune Miku
2) Life Stream Instrumental
3) Phantasmagoric Bloom

Well, I do not mind the lack of songs in this one since the artwork makes up for it..

Next up will be something inside this red envelope..

So what is inside the envelope?? Well if you know me well, it's related to Vocaloid..

If you guess it right, they are the postcard-size artworks of the Vocaloid group + 1 extra character..

So first up we have my lovely WAIFU Hatsune Miku.. XD

Followed by Meiko.. Beautiful..

Next up will be the Kagamine Twins, starting with Len..

Then it would be Kagamine Rin..

This is then followed by Kaito..

Now for the extra character that comes with my purchase.. It is none other than Yowane Haku.. She looks stunning no?? Somehow being a drunk does make her beautiful..

Well, total cost of the goodies cost about only $23.. $20 for the OST + ArtBook and $3 for the postcard-size artpieces..

Well, that is all I have to showcase.. Hope you bought some goodies from CosFest if you attended it.. I know some of Team Blue members, especially C.I. who bought some good goodies from the event.. ^^

Well, till next time.. さようなら!


  1. 600+ wow... I only took a grand total of 221 photos! It's not about the quantity... but the quality!!

  2. Yer I took 600+ as well, and took out over half of them. Then again my standards are not as high as Hirito's lol. Most were duplicates of the same person or team so I could have more to work with.

  3. Yowane Haku! That's my girl! xD

  4. @ hirito: Agreed, quality is better than quantity..

    But if it comes from a sub-par camera like my dad's N82, might as well take as many shots as I could take.. ^^

    @ panther: Well, having more shots of the same person or groups is kind of a good thing since you never know the end result will be perfect or not..

    @ mizunaga: Yeah, I wished I have Akita Neru but Yowane still look gorgeous.. ^^

  5. mehhh didnt know there was so much things to purchase over there... *regrets*

    WHAT!?!?! so many photos.. goodness.. lol


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