17 July 2008

Konami Magister Negi Magi Figumate

These 2 figumates have been with me for quite a while already.. While I am saving up money to get a Detolf cabinet, I put them nicely beside my Nendo Miku's box so as to prevent my mum from "accidently" throwing them away.. XD

Well, to those who know about it and also to those who don't know about it, I got 2 boxes of it free during the Toys & Comic Convention.. It is shown under the TCC loots entry here..

So which characters did me and my bro get?? Well, after opening it up, we finally found out that we got Asuna (Twintail) and Ku Fei..

Well, let us start with Asuna.. A very cute girl and I like her because she has twintail hair lol..

This will be Ku Fei.. An idiotic girl but what makes up for it is that she is a good fighter if you have watched the anime..

Let us begin with Asuna.. The Front view..

Close-up of her..

Side View..

& Back View..

Well, I only managed to move her right arm and head freely without fearing of those breaking when doing so..

The problem is her left arm which I find it quite hard to move.. I think I better leave it alone before any bad things happen..

Then we have Ku Fei which is one of the good looking ones.. This one is from my brother, Infesotr51 who queued together with me to collect the freebies.. ^^

Frontal Close-up View of Ku Fei..

Side View...

Back View...

Guess what?? She is having the same problem with Asuna.. Same applies to Ku Fei which is I do not want to apply too much force on her left arm.. Do not want any broken figures in my current messy room..

Asuna together with Ku Fei..

They do come with another body piece; Swimsuit for Asuna while Physical Training outfit for Ku Fei.. However, I do not know how I can exchange the bodies due to lack of understanding of Japanese words..

Meh, I still prefer them in their school uniforms..

Ok, now I do not know what Asuna and Ku Fei are doing..

Oh WOW.. This is becoming a Yuri entry..

The rest of the pictures are not shown due to me not wanting this blog to be a hentai one.. Well, I hope you all have enjoyed this entry, unexpected which some of you might say..

Well, It has been a pleasure to make this entry.. Hope to see you again.. ^^


  1. That the one you queued up at that literal Python of a line for?

  2. @ CI: Yup, thats one of the stuffs I and my bro got during the Toys & Comic Convention..

    A pretty long queue but we still get to walk around and take pictures and videos thanks to GAI and his friends who booked our spots.. ^^

  3. Pull the heads off to change the body? ^^;

  4. @ mizunaga: I tried and it wasn't effective.. Maybe the head is like a nendoroid? It will take a while for me to figure out how to swap their bodies.. ^^


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