27 July 2008

The Perfect Otaku Girlfriend

How would you react if your girlfriend is suddenly an otaku and she just ask you out on a date to Akihabara or Akiba for short??

We aren't talking about 'an ordinary otaku' who sticks to one interest like figures, etc.. Well, as the title says, the one that asked you out is a very gorgeous and rich girl who have talents in other stuff like playing the grand piano.. ^^

Usually, for a guy like me I'd just take the lead but what if she's the one planning the date?

Route-planning from start to finish, all done by your girlfriend.. How sweet..

I can sense Miyamoto crying in sadness after watching this episode.. XD

Must be the new NDS, or izit PSP?

She also loves to read Yaoi mangas..

Well, blushing do happen if she fantasized it too much..

Then as per usual, she love figures and cute toys to add into her collection..

What would make both you and your girlfriend happy..

Is when both of you come across a
Gachapon(Capsule Toys) shop..

This is where the Gachapon frenzy kicks in.. Well, it's for the sake of getting the rare Gachapon toy..

It might be frustrating for you, as one risks obtaining the same capsule repeatedly, but your girlfriend might have the fun of doing it just to get that rare piece.. Just becareful she does not overspend on Gachapon.. ^^

The next place she might bring you is the Meido Cafe, in this case the "@Home Cafe"..

For those who don't know what is it, it's simple.. It's a cafe where maids come and serve you food and drinks and calls you "Master" (Goshujinsama)..
For more info for you cheeky people click here..

Now what will make your otaku girlfriend special is when she's offered by the staff there to wear the meido outfit provided and take a picture with you..

Seriously, what more could you ask for??

Last but not least, she is the type who can faint or somewhat freeze up when the console that they wanna purchase is sold out..

Wow.. The font of the "PDS" seems familiar.. XD

Still frozen..

With the given points stated in this entry, I will be very happy since she is "THE ONE".. But usually this is just a fantasized dream most of us have.. Maybe one or 2 points will be alright for me.. At least we will be happy with who we are and what we love to do.. ^^

Well, if this really happens to you, don't let her lead all the way.. It will be better if you take the lead instead, even if it means carrying her in your arms..

So what kind of otaku girlfriend do you prefer??


Pictures above are from the new anime "Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu".. It is a love comedy show which tells a story about a famous girl in a school who has a secret hobby which is being an otaku..

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  1. Sounds like a good show to me! Must catch this. Thanks for the introduction xD

  2. I want a girl friend like Mikuru! XD :P

    So cute and innocent ^^

  3. Anonymous10:54 PM

    I thought the same when I watched ep2 on friday... Haruka is perfect, but would this be possible @ 3D?

  4. wongtcsg11:49 PM

    Thanks for the intro, now i might want to watch this anime!

  5. I prefer girls who are more reserved like Yuki. Too noisy and it's break up session, baby! Lol.

    Otagirls are fine as well.

  6. Thanks for introduction. At least I have something interest to watch. ^^

  7. If I can find a girl like this, All my dreams would have come true. But The chances of finding a perfect otaku girl like that is just too rare.

  8. @ mizunaga, wongtcsg & kozta-boom: You are most welcome.. Its good to share anime info to everyone.. You won't regret watching this anime.. ^^

    @ prim3: Butbutbut Haruka looks inocent too.. XD

    @ hikky and bzou: It is quite possible BUT as Bzou wrote, it is rare, maybe ultra rare.. Pity.. :(

    @ yumeno: Different people has different preference.. Choose someone that loves who you are and it will be ok.. ^^

  9. Fariz: My GF must be like Loli C.C

  10. @ C.I.: Couldn't agree more.. ^^


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