30 June 2008

Toys & Comic Convention 2008 Day 2 Hauls

After sorting through so many treasures from the Toys & Comic Convention, I've managed to compile my haul from the 2nd day of the convention..

Now let me show all the items I've got from the 2nd day of the event.. Well, there is only 1 set on that day because my brother, Infestor51 could not go out with me as he needs to finish his schoolwork by Tuesday..

So first of all other than the Dan Dare poster I've got the Magic The Gathering(MGT) Duel Decks.. One is Elves while the other is Trolls..

A very good Dual Decks for those who just started playing the game..

Next will be a weird PVC figure from ViViSect Playset.. I din't dare putting the figure together because it was so ugly, it was an immediate FAIL when I took it out from the box..

Next up will be the Naruto Stylus for the Nintendo DS.. Well, since I don't own a DS, might as well give this to my friend who has a DS.. ^^

Then there is this game that was given out by 2 pretty ladies.. I was actually busy carrying stuffs that I couldn't take out my handphone in time to take a picture with them..

I didn't get a chance to install this MMO soccer game.. I don't have alot of interest in playing soccer.. I just like to watch them only.. Well, that is just me.. Maybe I could give this to my soccer friends who loves soccer very much..

Next up is the Mugen manga book.. It is filled with drawings from locally made artists.. Well, nothing much to say other than just to get one and enjoy reading it.. The graphic of some of the mangas are awesome.. ^^

This would be the SuperScenic Artbook + OST.. It was sold out on the 1st day and CI was the 2nd last person who bought it.. But luckily I came early on the 2nd day to collect it from Collateral Damage..

The songs are very nice too.. I shall review about this in a couple of days..

Last but not least, I got this figurine of Niigi G.B. from Shikigami no Shiro 2.. Click here for more info about this game..

Well, the figurine was worth buying since it was on sale on the 2nd day.. I will also review about this when the time comes.. ^^

Now you think this is last of what I got from the 2nd day of the convention?? Well, you are partially correct..

The reason is that I got to take a picture with Hatsune Miku herself.. So much for being a Miku Guardian.. XD

I looked too serious to be the Miku Gurdian.. I must lighten up a bit.. Orz..

Well, have to thank CI for this shot.. My dad's cameraphone, the N82 died from lack of battery when DS wanted to take a picture of us.. :(

Next time, "Note to self, do charge your battery to max for events like the TCC"..


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    初音ミクとのツーショットGETおめでとう! ^_^ [grats on the miku 2-shot ^_^]

  2. @ meronpan: Thank you.. It was so hard since alot of people also asked her for a photo with them..

    But the wait was worth it.. ^^

  3. did u visit double's blog? the miku cosplayer posted her website there and u can see other cosplays. ^^;

  4. @ gordon: Yup I went to his blog regarding TCC.. Then I saw her comment and visited her blog.. Looks totally cool.. ^^

    BTW, thanks..


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