18 July 2008

Visit to IKEA

Well, after my lessons at Singapore Polytechnic (SP), me and my friends went to Queensway Shopping Centre to buy some sport shoes.. But that is not mostly related to this entry..

Anyway, after doing so we went to IKEA (thanks to me.. :P) to get the annual IKEA catalogue at the IKEA Alexandra.. When we got there, I simply took the catalogue to browse for some good glass-door cabinet..

Well, apparently the glass-door cabinet that most of the people with figures have; the Detolf cabinet was just right near where the catalogues are..

The good thing is there is still stocks for it.. The not-so-good news is that there wasn't any discount given for this good cabinet.. It is still at SGD$99 which Panther did say so last time.. :(

However, there is another glass-door cabinet that interests me.. It is the BIBY glass-door cabinet which is just beside the Detolf cabinet on show.. They come in 2 colours, red and white..

Sad thing is is that the BIBY cabinets are temporarily sold out so this means that IF I want to purchase it I must wait for a few weeks to a month or so for the next stock to come..

I do not mind paying extra cash; BIBY cabinets cost SGD$139 each.. Reason is that it comes with a key lock because in my bigger family, there are some naughty children who like to take things without permission and break them..

Well, here is the shelves in my room.. Currently I have no space to take out my figures and due to that same problem I do not want them to somehow fall down and break.. :(

It is really sad to see them in their boxes.. I want them to be free ASAP..

I also have to rearrange the boxes so that there is enough room for upcoming figurines like figma Rin and FATE..

Here is the IKEA catalogue I was talking about.. The catalogue is until 31st July which IKEA Singapore will then reproduce a new one for next year...

Browsing through the catalogue, I only found 2 good glass-door cabinets which are the Detolf cabinets and the BIBY cabinets.. Pity there isn't more choices to pick from..

I need to do some further studies on which glass-door cabinet I should use for my figurines..

Any suggestions?


  1. DETOLF is still your best bet but I can understand if there are kids roaming around and the need for a lock.

  2. I'm also more in favour of getting the DETOLF instead. And if you do wait/or timing just right, you might be able to get a cheap one at lke S$69, the price in which I got mine at ^^. You could buy another figure with the extra cash!

  3. @ everyone: Well, from your opinions, I think it would be a good choice to buy the Detolf cabinet then..

    @ panther: Maybe I can think of ways to prevent the children to open the Detolf glass-door cabinet.. I have ebil ways.. XD

    @ hirito: I think I shall wait for the next IKEA catalogue.. Maybe they will put a discount on it.. I wish it will be S$69 too.. ^^

  4. got no suggestions for the cabinet but

    you missed out something. you went ikea and you didnt eat the ice cream!!!!!!

    or did you? lol


  5. Get a custom-made cabinet :3

  6. @ anonymous coward: Nope, I did not eat the ice-cream.. I did not have sufficient funds to purchase one..

    However, I do have enough funds to buy a S$1 hotdog.. Very delicious.. ^^

    @ yumeno: True.. But that would cost me more than those pre-built ones.. I might consider doing so if my parents sponsor me.. XD

  7. Detolfs are really good but I couldn't fit my 42cm tall Yuki inside mine, dang! I have been thinking of getting a custom-made cabinet where I can size each cell as I see fit to my figurine height especially. I have contacts for local (KL, MY) cabinet makers and for something at the size of two or three Detolf cabinet should cost about USD400-USD600 depending on desired design.

  8. do take note that ikea charge $50 (i think) for delivery. the detolf is so heavy i don't think u can carry it yourself or fit into a taxi.

  9. 40 bucks last I checked, Gordon. And lol @ 42 cm figure. Man no money to get that big a one. If I do get something like that I rather display her outside the cabinet than waste more money.

    The ice-cream there is really nice.

  10. @ divine fang: A custom-made Detolf cabinet isn't worth purchasing.. Might as well placed it outside like what Panther said..

    @ gordon: Is that big?? Darn, I have to find ways to bring it home without having to spend more money on delivery..

    @ panther: Seriously, I need to go get that ice-cream when I am there..

    So it is S$40 eh? Still ex.. XD


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