22 July 2008

Vocaloid Weekly #42 taken over by Ranka's \m/

Well, being a Vocaloid fan, especially Hatsune Miku, I've been watching closely at the NicoDouga Vocaloid Weekly Rankings for the past few months.. However, just recently, the rankings has seen a number of entries which are remakes of Ranka's "Seikan Hikou"..

Anyway, back to topic at hand, I was thinking of permanently posting the Vocaloid Weekly Rankings in my blog.. This is my first one so I wish to say sorry if it is not that interesting..

So let us start off with the videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Well, this is kinda expected of them to make a Hatsune Miku remake of "Senkan Hikou" but the whole Volcaloid stars?? That is freaking awesome..

Here is what I feel about some of the songs in the ranking:

29 - "Love is War": Still manages to hang on onto the top 30 Vocaloid rankings.. The song is alright but not my fav. ..
28 - "Time & Space": Well, I find that the new Kagamine Rin and Len ACT2 voices are way better than their previoud version. Their voice is much more refined, hence nicer singing..
26 - "The Grace of the Scarlet Dragon": Didn't expect this song to be pulled down from '9' to '26'..
22 - "Soar": I find this song quite catchy.. Hope it will rise up in the ranks.. ^^
12 - "Melt": I am very amazed that this song by Ryo has going through ups and downs and still manage to cling on to the TOP 20.. This is H4X.. XD
2 - "「卑怯戦隊うろたんだー」": I'm speechless.. This song has been in number 2 for quite some time and still stuck there till this day..
30,14,10,1 - Vocaloid remake of Senkan Hikou: Err... AWESOME!!

Click here for the NicoDouga link..


Well, Ranka's MOE-ness and her \m/ sign has been etched in almost mind after they watched episode 12 of Macross Frontier.. The song is so cool, I have it as my handphone ringtone and MP3 player..

There are some illustration on how the \m/ movements work but I find this quite interesting.. To see what is \m/, you can visit Windbell's blog here for more details..

It is ULTRA RARE to have some loli coming down in a fighter plane in the midst of a battle and end the fight with the soldiers fainting with nosebleeds due to the loli being very MOE..

Well, there are alot of fan-made renditions of Ranka's \m/, from Death Note to Gurren Lagann..

Let us start off with Touhou Project:

Marissa Kirisame

Youmu Konpaku


Next up we have Gurren Lagann:


Princess Nia

Hidamari Sketch:




Megatron... WTH!!

Well, that will be all about Ranka's \m/.. I am now going to take a rest after losing so much blood due to Ranka's MOE-ness..

Well, if you do not agrre with Ranka being MOE, be prepared to have L stalking behind you with \m/.. XD


  1. lol!! at megatron ^^" WTF?!

  2. nice write up for ranka-chan \m/ :D

    i still think that picard \m/ and golgo \m/ (can see the at japanator) are the most hilarious \m/ but that megatron is close hehe :D

  3. You should have seen the Lelouch and Rollo ones. Not to mention the Alto-hime one. hehe.

  4. Megatron is so MOE!

  5. @ kotza-boom, ron~ & mizunaga: YES!! Megatron has shown his MOE side after watching that particular scene of Ranka's MOE-ness.. ^^

    @ C.I.: I should go find the Code Geass characters doing the \m/ gesture.. Alto-hime has become a side character after that scene.. XD

  6. every blog that blogs about this has new pictures to show. awesome. i particularly like the gurren lagann style one. right click save. ^^;

  7. @ gordon: Hope you like the pictures.. Especially Princess Nia.. ^^


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