08 July 2008

What?? More Characters for Magical Battle Arena??

Well, I thought I've seen all the characters for Magical Battle Arena, but FLY System fooled me once again.. I was shocked when there was another announcement of a new character being rolled out for the full version of the game..

They decided to release one more mage character called Nowel..

She is what I would call an Elite Character.. She is like a mixture of Lina Inverse, Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa.. Proof can be found in the pictures below..

4 ION Cannons?? Now the Soviet (Red Alert 3) can be really afraid of her..

This is SO Super Robot Wars

Her range skill looks pretty much the same as Nanoha's "Divine Buster".. ^^

Seriously, Nowel has so many binding spells.. That just freaking awesome.. XD

Ok.. FLY System deserved 2 thumbs up for adding another cool character.. Well, I love magic-caster because their skills have those cool casting circles around them & etc..

I wished Comiket would happen earlier so that I can get a review of the game itself.. The wait is making me an impatient person.. 2 characters in the trial isn't enough for me.. :(


  1. @ CI: Yes, Nowell has a spell that can summon Quad ION Cannons on the battlefield..

    It is soo wrong in a million ways.. Must be one of her Ultimate skillz.. ^^

  2. Mmmm.. Binding spells..


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