25 July 2008

Clannad Ep 24 - Tomoyo's Chapter

The wait is finally over.. After months of waiting, I finally saw the special episode of Clannad; Episode 24 - Tomoyo's Chapter.. This is meant as the last episode of Clannad though this is an alternate ending like in the game..

The show starts off as Tomoya is woken up by Tomoyo early in the morning for school.. There is a twist here however; Tomoya telling Tomoya that she is his girlfriend now and she mustn't waste her time waking him up..

The couple then went to school together to an empty classroom waiting for the results of the student council president election.. They were very happy when the result was out; Tomoyo was the new president of the student council.. Tomoyo then asked Tomoya whether he would stay by her side all the way which he answered "YES!!"

After school, Tomoyo was congratulated by the students for winning the vote.. As she was congratulated by them, Tomoya oveheard the students suddenly talking about the relationship between him; the delinquent and Tomoyo; the new student council president...

The next day Tomoyo brings Tomoya and Sunohara lunch as per usual. As she leaves, classmates starts gossiping about the relationship that Tomoyo and Tomoya shares... Tomoyo suddenly becomes very busy with the workload of a student council president due to the school's upcoming festival..

Because of this she ends up using the PA system for personal reasons, which annoys the teachers a lot... This started off the problems between Tomoyo and Tomoya...

During the school's festival, Tomoyo disguised herself in a "pedobear" costume so that she can have a secret date with Tomoya.. The trick worked but when the couple was about to kiss, they were suddenly interrupted by a student council member..

As Tomoyo leaves to attend to student council matters, this council member and Tomoya exchange words about Tomoyo... He warns Tomoya about how much he is dragging Tomoyo down from her goal of preserving the sakura trees, leaving Tomoya in great despair..

So on a date after school, Tomoya decided to break up with Tomoyo, but not without having to hear Tomoyo disagreeing with him and telling him that she loved him very much..

She told him that he would have trouble keeping up with school and lunch without her.. However, Tomoya took a firm stand, which resulted in Tomoyo just saying goodbye to him and left, resulting in him breaking into tears..

Since that day on, Tomoya learn how to wake up early for school, pay attention in class and stop being truant, which his teacher felt quite amazed..

In the same period, Tomoyo not only excel in being just a president of the student council, she also got 4th place in the nationals examination and gave talks with universities representatives... (I find her english accent quite funny, but at least I can understand what she was saying..)

It came at a price; Tomoya stopped talking to Tomoyo and also looked away if he saw her.. (I find this quite sad..)

Tomoya did better for his academic interests, though his past records of misconduct in school gave him a very bad report, which sadden him further... Both Sunohara and Tomoya go for job interviews... Snohara dyed his hair black which Tomoya find it amusing.. Tomoya did got a job in a recycling company near town...

So after the graduating ceremony, Tomoya decided to leave early rather than having to join for dinner in school.. On the way, he runs into Tomoyo.. Tomoyo tells Tomoya that she has been waiting for the chance to tell him that she has succeeded in stopping the sakura trees from cutting down..

Tomoya then talked about their future... He told Tomoyo that due to his job he will be staying in the same town while Tomoyo, who will be graduating next year, will be moving away to study in a university... Tomoyo however disagrees by saying that she will be staying by Tomoya’s side...

Tomoya wasn't sure about what she said and tried to debate on that, but Tomoyo interrupts by saying that her love for Tomoya is more valuable then academic performance... She then tells Tomoya that she will go to wherever he is.. This resulted in him realizing the truth and he is suddenly free from the obstacle that he faced before the break-up..

He then return her feelings by saying that he will also go to wherever she is... Tomoyo, touched by his words, starts crying. The 2 of them embraced in tears... ( So romantic ^^)

The story ends off with Tomoya in his recycling work outfit walking across the train crossing and on the other end is Tomoyo waiting for him so that she can give him his bento box..

This wait is certainly worth it.. The episode is amazing, I was moved by the great storyline, seriously.. I almost cried near the end of the show.. (I'm the guy who cant hold back tears during any emotional show..) OK.. I did cry during that scene, can't help it.. :(

Anyway, I am happy that the Clannad ended in a great note.. It has now tempt me to get the Tomoyo After game.. XD

I wonder if there is anymore scene with Tomoyo in pedobear costume.. XD

Well, I shall now wait for Clannad Nagisa After story.. Hope will be as great as this one.. ^^


  1. What?? You didn't actually cry?? FAIL. I cried bucket of tears!

  2. I didn't cry, but felt touched at the ending.. I guess I couldn't quite get in the mood with all the noise around me ^^;

  3. hmmm....such a sweet ending. didn't watch it yet ^^"

  4. Very thorough analysis and summary of that episode there. Nice job. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

    Oh btw since I was unable to find your contact information, I was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links to one anothers blog onto our blogrolls. Since we do share similar interests. Let me know if you are interested at my email bzou at otakuinternational.com

  5. @ hirito: Tears of Sadness.. YES!! This ending is way better than Nagisa's Chapter..

    @ mizunaga: Where did you go and watch this episode with such noisy environment??

    @ kotza-boom: Must WATCH Episode!! Or else Miku will hit you with her leek.. XD

    @ bzou: I have sent you the contact details at your email add.. Thanks for visiting my blog.. ^^


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