10 July 2008

Hatsune Miku & Lucky Star OP DJ A.Q. Remix

I've been listening to songs of Hatsune Miku and anime's OP&ED songs since I was like 12 years old (Example would be the Eva OP's Cruel Angel's Thesis)..

Lately though, I took a liking to remixes of some of the songs as I find some of them very catchy, and also beautiful.. I won't really say that they are a great masterpiece but they just sound great..

There are some good sources to find such videos such as NicoVideo/Nico Nico Douga.. I have some videos, actually make that 2 videos which spurned out remixes..

These videos are made by one guy; DJ A.Q. who made some cool remixes of some of the songs.. He have made some good ones and best thing is that his songs never fails to please me.. ^^

Well, lets start off with one of Hatsune Miku many PVs," Atomic Glide!"...

One of the first few PV of Hatsune Miku, it was this video that started me to take a liking to Hatsune Miku..

Some said it was a promotional video of Hatsune Miku while some believed it is just a short story.. Well to me, the music sounded nice and it became one of my favourite Hatsune Miku music videos..

Anyway, let me show you the original music video:

Now here is a Remix version made by DJ A.Q.:

Now let us move on onto our next song.. Remember Lucky Star?? Yeah, it was one of the well-known and famous anime last year..

I believed most of you know this show but to those who doesn't know, here is the gist of the show:

Lucky Star's story portrays the lives of several girls attending a Japanese high school named Ryōō with a very loose sense of humor. The setting is mainly based on the city of Kasukabe in Saitama Prefecture.

The main character is Konata Izumi, an athletic and intelligent girl who, despite these attributes, is not in a sports club and has to resort to all-nighter cramming for tests. Her laziness at school is due to her love for anime and video games and lack of interest in anything else.

The serialization began with the four main characters in their first year of high school: Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara. As the story progresses, they move on to their second and third years.

However, the anime starts the story with them beginning their second year. The storyline usually includes numerous references to popular past and present manga and anime series.

Anyway, enough of tl;dr stories, lets move on to the original video of Lucky Star OP:

This is the Remix version by DJ A.Q.:

Well, these are some of the remix videos made by DJ A.Q... If you want to see more of his works you can go to NicoVideo and search for his name..

I hope you like the songs.. Maybe in the future I might post more videos of remix songs, though not so soon.. Until then, Sayonara..


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