16 July 2008

30k Hits Combo

This is freaking awesome.. Having written this post, I realized that this 150th post (Well, this is the 152th post actually) also marks a milestone in hits, 30,000 (30,270 as of 10.30pm today) hits actually.. This far surpassed my expectations as I did not expect getting such hits within 7 months 15 days..

30k hits combo is pretty Ownage.. Pity Sunohara..

Seriously, I thought that my blog was just another random anime blog which could just end up as FAIL, but after realizing that I now have a fair amount of regular visitors, I plan to keep on blogging as I've been doing so far..

Ok, before we go to the award ceremony, I would like to start out by giving my thanks to Danny Choo, for linking my blog onto his site and Otaku.fm and letting me connect to others around the world, not just Singapore. Due to this, I have received a reasonable amount of visits from DC.com.. To the readers who have come here from his site, THANKS!! ^^
Yes, Miku wants to thank everyone too.. Arigato Miku-chan.. ^^

Next up would be the site E2046.com who linked me up in a "Friends Link Exchange Program".. Well, I was just added recently on the site thanks to George, who I recently chatted on MSN.. He also put my banner on the main page of the site under "Friends Link" which resulted in my site getting visitors from there.. I must make sure that I shall not disappoint them and improve on my blog whenever I can..

Now, I would like to give my thanks to the Team Blue members, especially, Gordon, C.I., Panther and of course Chong Mizunaga who was the one of the first few visitors to my blog when it was made.. Also like to thank the members who made the Team Blue website, headed by Panther himself.. The post about the CosFest and the Toys & Comic Convention increased my hits significantly.. Rock on Team Blue!! XD

Well, after the tl;dr speech by me, it is time for the award ceremony.. Well, the good news is that there isn't any 1st place, 2nd place, etc...

The better news is that I shall reward you for visiting my blog by giving you 3 nice pictures of Hatsune Miku.. Unless you want some cookies.. :P

Once again, thanks to everyone who have added me to their blogroll, and those who have helped me get my blog out to more readers. Well, after this, I would have to go back to studying for my Operating System (OS) Lab Test 2morrow.. Have fun everyone!! ^^


  1. Congrats on 30K! If only I was doing so well too lol.

  2. Congrats on 30k! Great job so far Asuka! ^^

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Congratulations! YOU NOW HAVE MORE HITS THAN ME!

    I swear I remember you saying 17K hits when I was at 10K. WTF?

    7 months 15 days lol. Meh you have been doing a good job so far, keep up the good work.

  4. C-C-Combo Breaker.

    Also, this landmark occasion deserves a celebratory image of some sort.


  5. Haha, cool~ I do check back every once in-a-while to look at the pics u post, not too wordy, just the way i like it XD

  6. WOW! I have to say that this is quite an impressive figure of 30k! Congrats!!!

    Thanks for your Miku pics!

  7. @ everyone: Thanks for your Awesome comments.. And thanks for visiting my blog.. ^^

    @ panther: Well, you will catch up with m one day, there is no doubt about it..

    @ C.I.: Darn, the link did not work.. Anyway, what picture is it??

    @ divine fangs: I am happy to hear that you like the Miku pics.. Even Miku feel excited that she got showcased in this entry.. XD

  8. @ kozta: Thank you very much!! ^^

  9. what? no cookies!? i want cookies! lol.

    anyway congrats on the 30K Get. ^^;

  10. @ gordon: Thank you!!

    I'm very sorry but we ran out of cookies.. Hatsune Miku was very hungry so I gave her the cookies..


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