01 August 2008

Ramblings of Fariz Asuka 1

It has been a long while since I talk about my daily life.. So I thought out a plan to make a special group category; "Ramblings" dedicated to my daily life, either at home or in school.. However, this is not related to the "Events" category..

So for today I came home late from school not because of school projects or CCAs.. The reason is however related to a contest held in my school, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) at the SP Auditorium..

So what contest was it.. Well, it was the E.E.E. [(School of) Electrical & Electronic Engineering] Idol which has 12 finalists battle it out in well, a singing contest..

Note: Sorry for having blurry pictures.. I used my k630i Sony Ericsson phone's camera to take those shots...

Anyway, the contest started at about 6.15pm which was originally planned at 5pm.. My friends and I were pissed that we had to wait an hour due to the delay..

So the E.E.E. Idol began without a hitch but that was shortlived.. More on that below.. Anyway, the contestants were good at their singing, though some did made minor mistakes while doing so..

The problems started after contestant number 6.. Choppy music suddenly spoiled the mood, the music was suddenly louder than the singer himself/herself and lighting did not work..

We were angry that the contest ended up being a FAILURE due to the management of the contest, not the contestants.. The contestants sand their hearts out and the winner (forgot his name) won an iPod Touch.. He sang "One Night In Beijing" by Xin Yue Tuan..

Well, the contest ended at 8pm.. We were pretty disappointed in it but at least the free CCA point for attending it made up for it.. Also, the ticket was specially reserved by our friends who joined in the contest.. However, he only got consolation prize but we are happy for him.. ^^


Now, everyone know that figma Fate was recently released onto the market.. Jon told me that Hobby Search have sent a msg to him saying that the stocks of figma Fate have arrived and will be delivered soon..

Jon told me that we could expect the figure to arrive on our shores in a few days time.. I am happy to receive my first figma figurine.. Now, I need a few more $$$ to pay him when the stocks arrive in Singapore..

How about you?? Has your respective online store contacted you about the figma Fate arriving in your area?


  1. I haven't gotten mine yet because Toyntoys lied to me and I was dumb enough to listen to them... So I called all the stores which I could recall that carry Figmas but none of them had her in stock, so I got fed up and ordered it from Amazon Japan instead.

  2. @ フェイダムさん: What do you mean when they lied to you? Did they cheat on your money?


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