30 April 2008

Hellsing Ultimate OVA series

Well, Alucard sent his regards when he asked me to announce Miss Integra's Hellsing Organization movement to destroy the Millenium army..

Now Alucard is currently fighting on an aircraft carrier; "Eagle" to meet a fake but strong vampire, Rip Van Winkle..

Although she put up a great fight with Alucard, she was overwhelmed by his sheer vampiric aura.. In the end she got tortured, *censored due to extreme goreness* and eaten..

So the day is again won by Alucard himself.. I wonder why he sadistically wait and test the enemies' strength before he owned them.. -_-"

Well, now the OVA is in the 4th episode and Alucard will have to battle more villians from the Millenium led by the "Major"..

Now will you excuse me while I go and have my own "bloody" meal from the Hellsing Organization.. Thanks to Miss Integra for that..

So what are you waiting for?? Join the Hellsing Movement!!


  1. haha whats that bloody dish? Too red to be mee goreng.

  2. @ misakichii: It's called the Indian "Mee Kuah".. Redder than any noodle meals.. The spiciest mee I've eaten so far too.. ^^

  3. ... That Mee Kuah looks.. deadly.

  4. @ mizunaga: Yup, it's one of the delicacy you must eat when you join the Hellsing Organisation..

    A "No" might result with Alucard feeling annoyed.. -_-"

  5. Anonymous7:27 AM

    lol on the dish! plus, i never really knew that the millenium girls name was rip van wrinkle, so thanx for putting her name!! i hope to join soon. HELLSING RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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