07 April 2008

Comparison between Spice&Wolf and Kanokon

I've watched the 1st episode of Kanokon and found the show quite intersting and funny..

So in today's entry I would like to point out the difference and similarities between the main female characters;

Horo from..


Chizuru Minamoto in..

So lets begin with the similarities between Horo and Chizuru..


The obvious deduction when you just take a single look at them... They are actually kitsunes which are also known as fox deity in Japanese..

Sweet and cute..

Looks totally moe!!

Now for the differences between the both of them..


1) Their affection towards the main male character respectively...

In Spice & Wolf, Horo didn't have any feelings towards Lawrence when they met for the first time.. But after going on some great adventure with him, she started to develop feelings for him but couldn't tell him so.. But what she don't know is that lawrence also start to develop some feelings for her too.. So tsundere..

In Kanokon however, Chizuru have a great affection towards Kouta, even till she wants to enter a "relationship of sin" with him.. Kouta on the other hand somehow didn't mind her doing such naughty stuff on him, just not in public anyway..
This scene makes me nosebleed.. Can't endure much longer..

2) Their powers in the show...

In Spice & Wolf, Horo can allow herself to transform into a giant wolf which is her true form.. She can only do so when she sucks human blood or she eat some wheat that she keeps in the small bag hung around her neck..
Lawrence saying to Nora, " Horo won't bite, she's harmless. Cute too. ^^"

Other than that, she is smart in telling whether people are lying or not about what they are doing.. She always like to tease Lawrence about that, much to the dismay of him..

In Kanokon however, Chizuru can go into anyone's body which in this case is Kouta's body and do a full transformation.. However, the process can only work if the human which is Kouta is willing to allow spirits like Chizuru possess completely.. If not it is just a normal spirit possession without the spirit's real form..
Yeah, totally..

Other than just having the spirit's form, they can possess such great power which is shown in episode 1 of Kanokon.. Chizuru+Kouta or I prefer to call them "Kouzuru" can summon a giant fireball and throw it at Chizuru's little brother, Tayura..
I'm gonna do the same thing Freeza did in DBZ..

3) How they hide their kitsune's form??

In Spice & Wolf, Horo can only be in human form but her ears and tail are still visible.. She hid them under clothes bought by Lawrence so that they can travel around the country without drawing unwanted attention from the church. ( see the anime to find out their reason.. )

In Kanokon, Chizuru can transform into her full human form, changing her golden/yellow colour hair into black.. And also her tail and ears won't be seen.. Even though she is in human form, her affection towards Kouta won't even change..
Another nosebleed scene..

Even after Spice & Wolf ended a few weeks ago, a fresh new story about a fox deity is kinda intersting to watch.. Kanokon is ecchi yet funny and captivating in some ways.. I will wait for more of the episodes to come out and I might give a shot in reviewing this episodes..

This show is only about 12 episodes and lets hope that the upcoming episodes are as intersting as episode 1.. I lost 2 pints of blood watching just one episode, I don't know if I can survive the remaining 11 episodes.. :(

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  1. So far, I still prefer Horo. (lol)


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