15 April 2008

Kamen No Maid Guy Episode 1

Well, first of all this review is a late one cause I was still deciding whether to review Kanokon.. Unfortunately, the show didn't please me well to be reviewed on my blog..

So the anime starts when Fujiwara Naeka won in a tournament.. After the tournament, she got a lot of unknown "protection" which shocked everyone, including her..

Apparently it was the work of two maids who were looking over her.. Reasons for that later on..

Suddenly she got called in by her grandfather who also brought Naeka's brother, Kousuke..

After congratulating her, the truth about their meeting is revealed as the grandfather, Oofujiwara Zenjuurou wanted to pay a visit to their house to check on their living conditions after their parents left for some trip..

Apparently, their grandfather knew that the house was in deep mess, judging by his anger and no feeling of shock..

Reason for him to know about their situation is because their house is sooo dirty, it was shown on television, except for their house sign..

So the grandfather finally revealed the 2 maids who will take care of the house.. The first one who will be taking care of Kousuke will be Fubuki..

So kawaii!! Wait for figurine to come out..

However, Naeka didn't get a "maid" maid.. Her grandfather instead hired a maid guy, Kogarashi to do that job as Naeka's servant..
That just turn me off.. -_-"

However, Naeka didn't like him that well..

Things still didn't go well when Naeka failed to wake up for school..

Even with so many alarm clocks, she didn't wake up, to the disappointment of Kogarashi..

So he devised an evil plan to wake naeka up.. Well, you can guess from the picture what he did.. No explanation needed.. ^^

The harassment still continues till Naeka fell into depression in a funny way..

However, her grandfather got to know about it and went back to the house to teach Kogarashi a lesson..

However, they were abit late in doing so as Kogarashi was already down by then.. Bloddy too.. XD

It's all thanks to Fubuki-san for beating him up with a bat with nails on it..
Fubuki FTW!! Cute yet deadly.. ^^

The reason for the protection of Naeka and Kousuke is finally revealed abit; their parents were missing somewhere out in the ocean.. Only the remains of the plane was found.. The grandfather thinks that someone out there want to kill all the heirs of the family belonging to him so that he or she can take over him..

So to discipline Kogarashi from further harassing Naeka, he authorized Fubuki to do everything she can to tame him..

So Fubuki gave Naeka a special whistle which can allow her to weaken Kogarashi..

It is so good that it was torturing Kograshi, who is actually big and strong ( Well, except for a small bird brain in his head.. )...

However, things got abit out of hand.. But the best part is when Fubuki was complimenting Naeka for being amazing in taming Kogarashi..

But she didn't care. She still scared of him anyways..

Video quality - so,so.. Sucky OP and ED.. But who cares.. This show still makes me laugh.. Thats why I watch such shows in the first place.. My friend also skipped the OP and the ED sometimes too.. Although the video quality is so-so, the comedy still makes up of it.. It's at least better than Kanokon anyway..

Well, let's wait till the 2nd episode of this show to come out in subbed.. Maybe they can teach out more ways to tame Kogarashi.. Better fanservice would be alrite.. ^^

Edit: I found out that Mizunaga made a review about Kamen No Maid Guy too.. Since he linked mine from his blog, I shall return his favour.. XD


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