22 April 2008

Kamen No Maid Guy Episode 2

Well, if you consider yourself unlucky, wait till you watch this episode.. Naeka Fujiwara becomes the most unlucky girl after the arrival of Kogarashi, her maid guy..

Firstly, she had the nightmare about the fire which happened on
episode 1.. Then her whistle to tame Kogarashi was damaged..

Then in school, Naeka, Miwa Hirano and Eiko Izumi challenged each other to see who got the highest score in a maths test..


Naeka: Let's compare marks!

Eiko and Miwa: Okay!!


And the result are out.. Eiko got 1st place with 78 marks.. *Champion!!*

While Miwa got 2nd place with 65 marks...

Which left everyone to guess Naeka getting last place with about 29 marks... *Epic Failure!!*

This failure got her into trouble.. Firstly, her chairman will not allow her to do kendo if she fail the retest..

And secondly, she will be "sold" to the male kendo club which the female kendo club members evil-ly agree, judging by the looks in their eyes..

But hope is not lost.. Kogarshi was determined to teach Naeka maths.. So now he will show us his method of teaching..

Kogarashi Methods Of Teaching

Method 1:

Make a potion out of eye of newt, etc..

Then somehow present it well to disguise all the yucky ingredients to make the product..

Well, for Kogarashi he presented it as a cocktail drink..

Side Effects: You will get fat.. Kogarashi mentioned that the potion has the same calories as bout 30 cups of milk.. At least Kousuke Fujiwara became the test subject.. ^^

Method 2:

Be taught by the best from MIT; Kogarashi himself.. *WTH?*

Well, the truth hurts since he is really a smarta**.. He is soo smart, he managed to answer all the math qustion Naeka was doing.. Even Fubuki was speechless since her math was also bad...

So much so that Kogarashi kick her out of the room.. Naeka understood how Fubuki feels..

Poor Fubuki..

Now how does Kogarashi teach?? Simple, by hitting Naeka's head with a paper fan hard if she makes a mistake or becomes lazy at work..

If both methods fail you must go to..

Method 3:

Being a maid guy doesn't mean you just have to be strong.. You have to adapt.. As for Kogarashi, his ear has a '2.0' usb port..

No doubt about it.. That is one strange maid.. He connects it to the printer..

So what in the hell did he have a usb port? So that he can search online using himself, yes, himself and print out the pictures of the math lecture on the day itself..

As much as Naeka and Kousuke are shocked, so am I..

Well, this is a good effort brought out by Kogarashi.. However, Naeka paid no attention to the pictures and slept while trying to learn math from them..

Now, if all else fail, Kogarashi and Kousuke have a last resort for those who is pure lazy person like Naeka..

Method 4 (Last Resort!!):

You can connect the person's ear to Kogarashi's head so that you can download all the maths' data from him..

Side Effects: It hurts..

Kogarashi's head must be like a big server.. Wonder what other things are stored in his head??

But Fubuki, hearing Naeka's scream, came to the rescue and eliminated the threat..

Threat as in both Kogarashi and Kousuke.. I wonder how Kousuke can faint by being hit with rubber darts..

But since that failed, they went back to their previous but untested method of studying; the proportion of the woman's boobs can tell whether she is smart or not.. In this case, the smaller they are, the smarter you are..

For Naeka's case, it's the other way around.. So to fix that problem, Kogarashi made her wear a steel breastplate to go to school..

So the retest began and everything is smooth sailing.. Naeka was also doing well during the test..

However, the steel breastplate wasn't strong enough to withstand the big pressure so it exploded, causing destruction to the whole class..

Kogarashi, on the other hand, laughed at her, which pissed her off.. So he got what he deserved..

But that isn't the end of the ordeal.. Since the class got totaled, this means that she still fails the test which means that her friends will still get to "sell" her to the male kendo club..

Wow, nothing goes as planned for Naeka.. Pity her..

Now about this episode, A good start of the show after the introductory episode last week.. Naeka getting "tortured" by Kogarashi's way of teaching was just funny.. But still hate the OP and ED.. They should change it to a nicer song and without repetitive scenes like in the ED..

But since the show is getting more interesting, I will still watch it, especially waiting for a subbed version of episode 3..


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