23 April 2008

Hatsune Mix Vol1 Chap2

As promised I will post about the next chapter in the Hatsune Mix manga.. In chapter 2, you will get to see Kagamine Rei and Len introduced in the manga series..

So for starters, the story began when the studio Hatsune Miku and the Kagamine Twins were in was under attack by Hachune Miku..

So Hatsune Miku decides to handle the situation by fighting against Hachune Miku.. But Hatsune got pwned by her since Hachune had a leek on her hand..

It's a Hatsune Miku Battle Royale..

However, the Kagamine Twins came to help Hatsune by giving her a seed which transform into a Mega Leek..
That is one giant leek..

Well, with that in her hand, Hatsune gave a good whacking to Hachune.. And so she saved the day..
Ouch, that's gonna hurt real bad..

Well, chapter 2 was quite interesting to me personally but I don't know about the other people... But one thing is for sure, the artwork by Kei is great so far.. Chapter 3 came out a long time ago but I would post that in the upcoming month..

Reason is that there seem to be no chapter 4 anywhere.. Internet turned out zero.. But I can tell you for sure that chapter 3 will be nice..

The Kagamine Twins will be the focus in chapter 3.. I love to see the twins in action, especially Kagamine Rin.. Here is a fanservice of her.. ^^

Well, will post about chapter 3 nexth month.. Until then, have fun reading chapter 2..


  1. Me wants to go look for the manga now ><

  2. where do i go the read the manga.

  3. I have to agree with wakamaster. Where can i read it? I love their singing, but I'd like to get to know their personalities.

  4. Anonymous7:37 AM

    try onemanga or mangafox but it is kinda confusing


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