26 April 2008

Nyan Nyan Dance ( Macross Frontier )

A new internet phenomenon is about to hit the online community.. It could become as famous as Caramelldansen.. Well, let me intorduce to you,

The Nyan-Nyan Dance

No, it's not the Nyan Nyan Nyankos; white kittens that enjoy mimicking various items, generally edible items and they may also appear as everyday items too..

Well anyway, this phenomenon began when the anime it's from; Macross Frontier which had one dance scene where Renka/Ranka did it..
Ranka doing the dance move looks so moe~~

So how does the dance goes? Well, you follow the dance move here in this video..

While doing so sing this sentence:

"Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Ni Hao Nyan Goujasu Derishasu Dekaruchaa!"

The advertisement(below) during the middle of the show advertise the eatery she works at.. The ad shows a very cute chibi doing the dance..

After that episode, alot of video pops out, including those in Youtube and NicoVideo..

Well, I manage to find the few best ones of the Nyan-Nyan Dance from youtube..

Firstly, this is the video of the advert Nyan-Nyan Dance I showed you above:

Next, I've found the longest loop of the dance (about 10mins):

Wow, the longest loop video I've seen.. Even longer than the longest Caramelldansen loop..

Last but not least, there is the Remix version of the song.. It is made in rock & roll format.. Watch this video and you will love it:

If you want to get the song, you can download it here..

Well, I downloaded the video off youtube (high-quality format) and I love listening to the song over and over again..

The song also inspired me to make a video of the song using MikuMikuDance.. I'm currently in the process of making Hatsune Miku turn around correctly..
Hatsune Miku loves to dance..

However, with schoolwork and house chores to do, the video might be put on hold for the time being.. But hope is not lost for the production of the video.. I'm also searching the internet for the rock version of the song..

Well, I'm now going to go and practice the Nyan-Nyan Dance and maybe become a busker doing that dance.. ^^

Edit: Added the download link for the Nyan-Nyan Dance Rock Ver. ..


  1. Got the song for you already, but just for everyone else:
    Download here

    Careful, it's FULL of pop-ups, so best bet would be to use Firefox with NoScript. He'll update the blog post with the link later.

    Yes, I'm THAT Infestor51.

  2. "Ni Hao Nyan" translated to chinese means u are very sissy. lol. ^^

  3. LOL @ gordon!!

    The remix version sounds cool.

  4. @ infestor51: Thanks Infestor.. Greatly appreciate it.. ^^

    @ gordon: Lol.. That's a good one Gordon..

    @ ck: Yea, I must thank the dude who made it.. Though it's hard to trace him on NicoVideo.. ('~')

  5. kianyang9:07 AM

    Hey Fariz, I wrote a post on your Nyan Nyan Dance Phenomenon on my site. I'm hooked to the rock version myself :D

  6. Ops my link didnt appear properly in my previous comment. Here it is:

  7. Anonymous7:02 PM

    meh, i prefer nekonyan dansu from chokotto sister, lol.

  8. Realy nice article about Nyan Nyan dance :). I am glad, that someone is writing something about this stuff, because it's kind of cool/cute and it's nice to find some info about it.

  9. @ Aimi: I am glad you like it.. I was just doing this since I got hooked the first time it came out..

    Now after you said this, I think I am hooked to this song again lol.. xD

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