27 April 2008

Soul Eater Episode 3

Finally, the last prologue for Soul Eater came out a few days ago.. Now in this episode is the introduction of the last main character, Death the Kid with his weapons, the Thompson Sisters; Liz and Patty..

Looks like a perfect team but in actual fact, no.. As you can see, a "perfect team" usually have some flaw as in this case its Death himself..

He has the mentality that everything must be symmetric.. He even scolded patty for doing the group's entrance wrongly..

This resulted in Lupin, the first bad guy which Death is chasing during screen time, to escape..

As you can see, it is a mental illness which Death have, which in this case un avoidable for Patty and Liz..

He loves to complain about everything that isn't symmetrical, even the "eyes" of the Thompson Sisters.. (' ~ ')

So bold of him to do it..

This angered Liz who then complained about Death not being symmetric, especially his hair.. What a giveaway..

The great shock for Death..

This make him emotional.. Totally..

So it's up to the Thompson Sisters to cheer him up.. "A+" for effort..

This trick always work on Death himself.. The sisters know how to cheer up an emo kid..

Darn, he looks gay..

After that, he summoned up the portal using his ring to report his work to his father, Shinigami-san..


After giving the report, Death asked his dad if there is another mission to do so thathe can get another corrupted soul..

Shinigami then oblidged and gave him the mission to kill Witch Necromancer Samantha who loved to summon mummies to do her evil bidding..

So of he goes to Egypt, using his flight-capable skateboard called Beelzebub..

His skateboard can even do vertical take-off and landing like a VTOL Harrier jet..

Man, Death's skateboard is sponsored by his father.. XD

Inside the pyramid where the witch is hiding, Death and th Thompson Sisters walked through the dark and creepy hallway..

They were abruptly stopped by Death himself.. He told them that something is bothering him..

To everyone surprise, it isn't anything related to the mission.. He was more concerned about the paiting back home which he thinks is slightly tilted to the right..

This made him really feel depressed and he wished to go back, much to the anger from Liz..

She wasn't gonna let him leave so she dragged him along to find the witch..

On the way, they met up with the mummies, who act cutely..

I'm gonna bitch-slap those mummies..

the sisters were duped to thinking that they were innocent till this happen..

When Liz turned around for Death, he wasn't there..

Reason is that he left them to back to his room at the vocational school to see whether the painting tilted or not.. So much for being a good meister for your weapons..

Pity Liz and Patty..

Then the mummies attacked, which the sisters retaliated with style..

Patty looks cool spinning the gun around.. ^^

While the sisters were fighting, the witch, Samantha was awakening the pharah..

But her plan backfired and she was captured and eaten by him..

Back at the school, Death finally sighed in relif that the painting was actually straight with not tilting.. So off he goes back to the pyramid..

While he was flying back, Liz & Patty decided to move forward.. Well, patty wanted to do so..

Much to the dismay of Liz..

When they reched the pharoah's chamber, they got ambushed by the pharaoh himself..

When Death came back, he saw the Thompson sisters were tied up.. Wanting to rescue them, he defended himself from the pharaoh's attack..

It was a battle between the pharoah in the sarcophagus..

and Death himself..

However, Death didn't pull the guns' trigger, which leaft the pharoah the chance to attack him..

Reason for doing so is because he finds the sarcophagus symmetric which he loved so much..

Since Death was severely injured, the pharaoh came out from the sarcophagus to do his killing move..

Looks like Eva01 in mummy form..

But when the pharaoh came out, Death noticed something odd about him..

The pharaoh, right side is totally not symmetrical to his left side..

Please spot the difference between the 2 pictures.. Anyone who guessed correctly might win a Maka & Soul figurine, sponsored by Shinigami himself.. XD

The unsymmetrical of the pharaoh enraged Death till he shoot the crap out of the pharaoh..

Epic brutality... Ownage..

His rage causes a big explosion at the back of the pyramid..

After collecting the pharaoh's soul, they came out, feeling happy.. But it was shortlived as the pyramid they've been inside just now collasped due to that explosion..

Because of this, Shinigami had to confiscate all the souls Death had collected, much to the disappointment of Death..


The pics here is taken from a scene where both patty and Liz got captured.. Enjoy!!

(' ~ ')

Well, prologue has ended and the real story will begin in the 4th episode... This episode is actually quite funny, considering Death's mental illness, Liz scared of dark spaces and ghouls & Patty laughing at almost anything, even if there is trouble ahead..

I am happy that Miyano Mamoru, who voiced as Setsuna in Gundam 00, voiced Death quite well, even in the humour part of the episode...

I shall await for the next episode to see how the story will begin, maybe will start at the right note or don't.. Who knows.. ^^

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