09 April 2008

Soul Eater Op and ED

Finally got the first episode of Soul Eater but it is still in RAW.. However, I watched both the OP and the ED of the show and it was totally awesome.. So I search high and low for the information about the songs and also the video itself..


Title: "Resonance"
Performed by:
T.M. Revolution

Some screenshots of the OP ( HD 1280x720 )

Maka with Soul in weapon mode..

They are making the eyebrow, the nose and the nose hairs for Shinigami-san..

Maka's "Innocence" going level 2..

Click here for the video of the OP ( HD 1280x720 )..

The ED of Soul Eater is great.. It's as great to one of the ED in Full Metal Alchemist ( FMA ).. Or maybe Rosario + Vampire, not sure.. But for Soul Eater, the action lasted for the whole ED itself..


Title: "I Will Be"
Performed by:
Stance Punks

Some screenshots of the ED ( HD 1280x720 )
We are just moonlighting..

The artistic details is stunningly good..

Click here for the video of the ED ( HD 1280x720 )..

After I watched the RAW version of Soul Eater Episode 1, I found that the seiyuu for Maka sounds dead.. But she is a new one so I give her another chance.. Well, there is about 50+ episodes for this anime so I'm gonna give my best to review episode by episode..

Gonna do one for this episode once the subs for it are out.. This is gonna be one of the best anime this season.. ^^

Sources are from 'Wikipedia'and 'AnimeNfo'..


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