13 April 2008

Anime-Baka gets new banner..

A new season of animes means a new change of my banner.. Currently, my banner shows Rosario + Vampire character; Moka Akashiya for the winter anime season..

But since the show already ended, I decided to change the banner to the current season(Spring)..

So I took the liberty to watch almost every OP and ED and finalise it with my bro Infestor51 on which picture was perfect for my new banner.. We decided on using the Soul Eater ED where there's Maka and Soul looking at somewhere..

So my brother took his liberty to create my latest banner, though the process took a day since the application crashed twice while my brother was doing the banner..

The end result??

My brother couldn't decide on which Japanese text to put as "Anime-Baka".. He showed me the 2 pics that he made but I'm not sure which banner looks better..

So I made this entry so that I can ask for your opinion on which banner with different Japanese text each looks better..

Izit this banner which has Hiragana text on it??

Or this banner which has Katakana text on it??

I greatly appreciate if anyone gave their opinion on which banner looks better.. I'm stuck in a dilemma on this one.. I would like to thank my bro for making such nice banners.. ^^


  1. Just a suggestion: you may want to have anime in Katakana and baka in Kanji ^^

  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Nice looking new banner there ^^ I prefer the Katakana version, but just like Squee suggested, having both versions would be nice also ^^;

  3. the anew banner looks awesome. btw ya i also agree with putting both.

  4. @ gordon, wcloudxkumo, squee: Thanks for your opinions guys.. Greatly appreciate it..

    Well, I will let my brother know that the banner need to have both Katakana and Kanji together.. ^^


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