19 April 2008

Soul Eater Episode 2

Being one of the most interesting show to watch, I watched the 2nd episode of Soul Eater and Black Star and Tsubaki are just as funny as Maka and Soul in episode 1..

So the show begins when Black Star gave a "so-called" surprise entrance to the gang of Al-Capone.. Tsubaki is in Chain-Scythe mode..

There are the assasin codes that Black Star learned in the school:

Code 1: Dissolve in the darkness, and erase your breath. Consider and find the weak points of the target.

Code 2: Predict the target's moves and thoughts.

Code 3: Take out the target before he/she/it notices you.

But Black Star didn't take those codes seriously.. Even make Tsubaki scold him..

Well, in the end the assasination attempt didn't work out as they planned..

So Black Star decided to make a temporary retreat and asked Tsubaki to change into Smoke Bomb mode..

After that they reviewed on what went wrong during the assasination attempt.. However, Black Star didn't take it seriously and just laugh it off, much to the dismay of Tsubaki..

I know how you feel..

So back at the academy, they were called upon by Shinigami-san about their failure in that mission.. Although Tsubaki apologised to Shinigami-san,

Black Star still wasn't keen to be serious about it.. Was showing off with his autorgraph..

So he got the honour to be "Shinigami-chopped" by Shinigami himself..
Ouch, thats really gonna hurt..

Shinigami then told them that Al-Capone has found the hide-out of a witch, Angela and they are making a move...

At the witch lair itself, Al-Capone and his gang was about to make their move to attack when they were abruptly stopped by Mifune, the guardian of Angela..

While that happen, Black Star try to use his assasin code to sneak up on Tsubaki bathing.. But knowing Black Star to not be serious, Tsubaki notice his presence and used a shuriken to teach him a lesson..

After the stupid incident, they head off to the witch lair to get both the kishin eggs and the witch soul together.. There they were shocked to see all the corrupted kishin eggs floating in front of the witch lair..

Then out of nowhere, Mifune came out and attacked Black Star..

Due to Mifune being a strong opponent, Black Star told Tsubaki to transform into Dark Demon Blade Mode, Shuriken..

But Mifune somehow manage to avoid that, with style..
Mifune totally inba..

Due to his high ego, Black Star was embarrasingly defeated by Mifune, though not seriously injured..

Then Mifune told Black Star how incompetent he is as Tsubaki's great skills is wasted by his high ego.. That woke him up..

So Black Star challenge Mifune to another fight.. Knowing that Black Star is being serious, Mifune accepted his challenge..

Tsubaki changed into another form, Ninja Blade.. So the serious battle begins..

Using the assasin's code, Mifune was tricked into thinking that the person in front of him is Black Star but actually it isn't.. It is actually Tsubaki who used Shadow Star mode.. It's something like a disguise..

Then Black Star came out of nowhere and do a "Hisatsu" or Deadly Black Star Big Wave (according to AEN subs) on Mifune..

That made Mifune unable to move since he took alot of damage from that great attack.. However, Black Star was stopped when Angela came to the rescue..

He could not take the witch soul from Angela since she is small and kinda cute..

Well, cute but deadly..

Well, that did made him angry..
So much for being kawaii..

Since Angela is a small child and how Mifune protects her, he decided not to kill them and let her and Mifune off..

What happened to the corrupted souls there? Well, he gave them to Shinigami instead of taking them for himself because it was "uncool" for him to do so..

Although they didn't get any souls, they did however completed the mission somehow.. And that also didn't stop Black Star from being himself again, climbing up and see all the girls from a good view..

But because he wasn't using stealth sneaking into the bath area, he got shuriken-ed by Tsubaki again..

Now, we can talk about Tsubaki, the moe-est character in the whole series.. I think she is the best weapon used by a weapon meister since she can transform into many modes..
So moe!!

And here is the fanservice shot of her..


The 2nd episode was excellent.. The many modes of Tsubaki and the great fighting, I find this show will get interesting by each episode.. I will wait for episode 3 to see how funny it will be with Death the Kid around.. ^^


  1. Omg, I really like Soul Eater and I really can't wait until Death the Kid appears!

  2. Tsubaki is now my second most <3 character.

  3. @ blissmo: Haha.. Same goes for me too.. I totally like this show.. Episode 3 will be as funny as the first 2 episodes judging from the preview..

    @ panther: Aww.. I think she is the prettiest in the anime.. So who is the first? ^^


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