03 April 2008

My TravelMate finally repaired..

Well, I'm back from Acer Service Centre at Jurong East... I was there to send my Travelmate; "Stellar" for some repairs after one of her hinges broke..

Apparently, my lappy keeps making a very loud 'ktak' sound when I use her for a long period of time.. Didn't care what was making that sound until yesterday when one of her hinges broke..

Now I got her back after a 2 hours wait ( the queue was very long ).. Kill some time by playing Haruhi No Gekitou to entertain myself, which attracted some attention from other people too lol.. XD

Both hinges are fix quickly( standard repair procedure ) thanks to the repairman..

Another thing that I like about Acer Service Centre is that the repairman waived the labour cost for the lappy.. This is how we discussed:

Sir: Sir(Me), your hinge seems to be broken.. I have to get you a new pair..

Me: Ok, how long will it take??

Sir: For a few minutes or so.. ( Before he go into the storeroom )

After 3 mins in there, he came out with the new hinges... Fix up the new hinges onto my lappy and fix everything up in 2 mins..

Sir: Sir, I have fixed the hinges for you..

Me: How much does the repair cost?

Sir: About $65, but since * * ( I forgot about this part of the discussion ), I will waive the labour cost so you have to just pay $15 excluding GST..

Me with a sigh of relief: Ouh ,thank you sir(Him).. Thanks very much!!

Sir: No problem, just don't say this to anyone k??

Me: No problem..

Well, tht is what I called an excellent service.. Heng I didn't go to Sim Lim Square, obvious that they will charge higher.. And read in the forums that they cheat your money..

So to everyone woking in Acer, especially that uncle who repaired my lappy, Me and wanna say thank you!!

Konata also like to say to everyone...

Although happy that my laptop is fixed, I'm now very sad that one of my favourite shoes is dead... Too sad to throw it away but had to do so..

Look at the damage.. It's so brutal...

Hope my shoe will get recycled to something more useful in the future.. They were original shoes but what is done is done.. Pity throwing them..

Now, on to ask my parents for a new pair of budget shoes.. ^^


  1. lol~ So much for, "..just don't say this to anyone k??" ^^;

    Damage to your shoe looks... beyond brutal O.o
    The other side looks fine though ^^;

  2. @ mizunaga: Haha.. Maybe he just doesn't want to get lectured by his supervisor.. :)

    Yea, that's what I thought too.. Even the shoe repairman doesn't want to fix my shoe in that condition.. :(


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