08 April 2008

Fatal/Fake Doujin Game

Since I've made a review for the Haruhi No Gekitou, I've decided to review on an old game I noticed when I went for the World Cyber Games 2007 held in Singapore.. Click here for link at my old blog..

So we begin the game in the option menu out-game.. Here you just need to change some video settings before you really start the game..

Once you enter the game you will be sent to the main menu..

There are about 8 characters to play; Saber, Ryder, Assasin, Caster, Lancer, Archer, Berserker and last but not least Gilgamesh..

From here till 3 pictures below, I'm making a guide on how to configure options and whatsoever..


When you go into training mode, there is a training option you can press.. In it there are these options..

Vital Max: Make full health for your char/enemy/both..

Magic Max: Make full magic gain in battles for your char/enemy/both..

Guard Max: Same applies but for guard purposes..

Dummy Action: Whether you want your opponent to be cpu/player-controlled or idle..

Dummy Guard: Whether you want your cpu-controlled opponent to mostly block attacks or don't..

Recovery: Whether you want both characters to regen health or not.. ( Apllies to training mode only )

Then there is the main option menu.. Here you can configure the difficulty of the game, how many rounds per match, etc..

Following most fighting games, this game provide you with command list to do combo, do special attacks, etc.. However, the language is in Japanese so you just have to try one by one every command list there is per character..

Well, thats the end of my small guide to the game.. Anyway, I tried Saber in arcade mode only so the boss at the end of the stage is Gilgamesh.. Quite a troublesome boss, spamming swords here and there like a freeloader..

But I learned his move an counter back with quick reflex..

Also did the super attack on him by using Saber's weapon.. The combination is damn long so I have to press correctly but fast.. Button mashing won't work anyway since it will just make Saber attack randomly..

The super attack did alot of damage, taking away half the full HP bar from Gilgamesh..

In the end I manage to bring him down.. At the end of the whole arcade match, the credits will start, showing pictures of every good killing move for each of every matches you fought with your character..

I find this game as interesting as Haruhi No Gekitou as it provides a quick yet challenging gameplay.. And the obvious reason is that these games only take up less than 100megabytes on your computer/laptop so no worries on hard disk space..

I recommend you to get this game somehow.. Just get it ok?? ^^


  1. Saw Zero and a few others in my group play this a long long time ago, I think at least back in '06. Not a fan of FSN so I never bothered picking this up.

  2. Am not a FSN fan either, but I played an older version of this game. It seems like more english is used in your version, and the interface is a little different. The version I played didn't have Gilgamesh either, and it hanged quite often ^^;

    Found this game -okay-

  3. @ panther & mizunaga: Haha.. Well, this game is really kinda old but was interested in it again after playing Haruhi No Gekitou..

    And the version of Fatal/Fake I have is ver.1.13.. Maybe that is why there is Gilgamesh as a playable character.. But he stinks anyway.. Can't play his character well..

  4. Anonymous12:30 PM

    where to download this game??

  5. @ Anonymous: Well, to download the game, you can visit this site: http://www.doujinstyle.com/doujinsoft/fatalfake.php .. There is no need for any registration or whatsoever..

    Hope you enjoy playing the game.. ^^

  6. Anonymous3:23 PM

    how to i open the commmand page?

  7. Anonymous4:08 PM

    my version is 1.00 how to make it ver1.13?

  8. @ Anonymous: Sorry for the linkage.. here is the page where you can get Fatal Fake v1.13..



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