18 April 2008

Hectic Day for a Busy Guy..

Another day passed and I find the new school life is as hectic as last semester.. Well, I will get used to it after a week or two..

So today my Operating System (OS) class didn't start off great.. Firstly, 1/5 of the students for the lab didn't attend or just absent.. But it's expected since we studied for about 2 years in polytechnic going to 3..

The good thing is that the OS teacher somehow manage to renovate the whole class and upgrade the whole computers.. New equipments are:

1) About 25 '17-inch' Lenovo LCD screen..

2) Logitech modern keyboard and mouse (PS2 type)..

3) Many, many servers that act as CPU for each single pcs in the lab.. Server is a Quad-core, 4gb memory..

1st lesson of OS was alright, we just have to create user for our own pcs only.. Then we have to make copies of the images for the VMWare images of RedHat Linux.. That's all for the lesson actually.. 1st week is always filled with briefings and more briefings..

So after that I set off to Kallang Leisure Park..

This is an artist impression, not the real deal..

Visited the La Tendo shop..
Taken during the outing a few weeks ago.. Click here for info..

And pre-ordered Beats Blade Haruka(Alter)..
Looks totally awesome.. ^^

Gosh I wanted to purchase Kureha but Haruka's "moeness" got the better of me.. So not enough money to buy Kureha.. Need to wait awhile longer for some $$$ for her..

And starightaway off to Funan IT Mall to buy a thermalpaste for my dad's DIY computer..

I wonder what graphic card he will buy for the DIY computer.. -_-"


  1. You went over to the dark side, Haruka the eroge. :\

  2. DIY computer eh? Hope that turns out fine ^^;

  3. @ panther: I have disappointed Obi-Wan Kenobi.. But at least I have Darth Vader as my new master.. ^^

    @ mizunaga: Thanks.. Yea, my old desktop computer died a week ago.. Might as well build a new one from scratch..


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