12 April 2008

Soul Eater Episode 1

Finally I got to see the subbed version of Soul Eater Episode 1.. With that, I can do my review of the episode.. I included some fanservice from the episode at the bottom of this entry so please look and drool over them.. ^^

So the story begins when a woman was killed by a corrupted soul, or in the show; "Egg of Kishin".. The monster is apparently the serial killer Jack the Ripper.. Weird..

When he tried to kill another woman, he was interrupted by Soul and Maka..

After Jack got killed by Maka and Soul, Soul ate the "Egg" so that he is near to qualify to become a "Death Scythe"; a rank that surpassed all weapons and he/she is honoured to work together with Shinigami-san..

Mmm.. Taste like chicken..

After each kill, they report to Shinigami-san by writing down "kill-kill-die" in numbers (42-42-544) on any windows..

Everything was fine until Maka's father; the current Death Scythe, disturb them..

But as usual, Maka gave her father a shock by telling him that she hated him very much..

The truth hurts.. ^^

So in order to become a Death Scythe, Soul have to 99 corrupted souls and 1 witch soul.. So they search and found this witch; Blair who stayed in a pumpkin house..

They tried the direct approach but failed when Blair returned fire on them using Pumpkin Halloween Cannon..

So Maka and Soul change tactic by ambushing her..

But still ended up as failure since Blair always catches them by surprise instead..

She really catch them literally.. Nosebleed..

In the end, it just became a battle royale between Blair and Maka&Soul..

Although Blair was tough, Maka and Soul manage to kill her..

By killing her, Soul ate Blair's soul and thought he had gained the power to become a Death Scythe..

But, in the end nothing happen and Blair in cat form appeared in front of them..

As you can see, Blair isn't a real witch.. She is just a cat that somehow manage to have a lot of magic power.. That is why she can change to human form.. She still survives because since cats has 9 lives, Maka&Soul manage to kill one of her 9 cat souls..

I'm so cute.. Nyaa~~

Due to this complication, Maka realised that they have to have Soul turn to a Death Scythe.. You see, if a person make a mistake in collecting a soul; such as Maka&Soul collecting a cat soul instead of a witch soul, all the existing souls that have been collected will be confiscated..

Ouch.. That's gonna hurt..

So in the end they must start from the beginning of the whole process again.. What a pity..

I find that this episode starts off in a good way.. Usually, some animes have their first episode abit boring until it start to get interesting in the next few episodes.. Overall, I find that this is at least better that D.Grayman where there is still comedy within a dark, horror anime..

At least they have a prologue of the next episode which in this case show Black Star wanting to kill some corrupted demon.. I wonder what's the different on the Late Night version??


I've included some shots from the episode itself.. So without disturbing you all, enjoy!!

This is so moe!!

Full view shot..

Close Up.. ^^


  1. BLAIR <3

    Katou Emiri is so on my list of favorite seiyuu now. Only a week before me in age too.

    Also Maka's voice actress sucks big-time.

  2. @ panther: Blair is so moe!! Will love to see more of her in the next episode..

    I'm waiting for Death the Kidd to appear.. Want to hear how the seiyuu Miyano Mamoru voice the character.. Same emo voice as Setsuna??

  3. Anonymous3:57 AM

    This show started off great! I found Chiaki Omigawa's (Maka) performance to be lifeless and robotic. However, everything else was great! I can't wait to dig deeper into the world of Soul Eater!

  4. Anonymous1:43 PM

    I really enjoyed that show, but does anybody know the name of the song at the end of the Episode? (The song that introduces BLACK STAR)

  5. I just love your blog! And love this anime (so far). Also wanna know the song when they introduce Blackstar! Very nice!!!


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