25 April 2008

Warriors Orochi PC Review

Having played this game, I would like to share the info about this game; Warriors Orochi.. Yeah, I know it's an old game; came out for X-box360, PS2 and the PSP last September but as for the PC version, it was just released somewhere this month..

Well, to those who don't know about Warriors Orochi, here is the story:

Orochi, the Serpent King, created a rift in time and space. By creating a twisted new world and bringing together warriors from the Three Kingdoms era of China (Dynasty Warrior) and the Warring States period of Japan (Samurai Warrior)(more than 1,400 years apart in history), Orochi wished to test the might of the warriors of these two eras.

So to everyone, this game is a combination from both games made by Koei, Dynasty Warrior series..

And Samurai Warrior..

So what is new in this franchise?? Well, here are all the new things this game offer:

- Players can take any three characters from the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors lineup into battle, forming a party. Players can switch between the characters in their party any time during battle. Those that are inactive are invisible, during which their health and Musou energy regenerate. However, if one character is defeated, the game would end in defeat of the player, even if the player's other two characters are still intact.

- All characters are grouped into one of the following character classes: Power, Speed, and Technique.

- All characters have a new move called an Enhanced Strike. This move consumes Musou energy, and varies by character and their class, described above.

- All characters have specific personal items that can be acquired by completing character specific objectives which also unlocks special features. These replace the final weapons of previous games, which had similar requirements, but are only another more powerful weapon in the game.

- Weapon improvements are performed with the new Weapon Fusion system. Players can combine attributes of multiple weapons of one character into one more powerful weapon.

( Info taken from Wikipedia )

So I played the game using the Shu clan.. My 3 best characters to play and win are Zhao Yun,

Tachibana Ginchiyo,

And my favourite character, Xing Cai..
Kawaii~~ But deadly..

Here is the view of the game.. Same as Dynasty and Samurai Warrior, you just have to follow the objectives while also prevent the characters, both yours and the objective from dying..

The game is easily played on most of the stages.. Normal was just right for me but sometimes the bosses are abit harder to fight against.. In the end however, I turn the tide and won each battle..

However, a warning here, the last boss, Orochi isn't a normal boss.. His attacks are totally gay and he have an AOE skill which kill most of my officers since he likes to spam that skill most of the time.. XD

Well, I barely manage to beat him in easy mode, leaving my lvl 40 character, Zhao Yun in critical health.. But the good thing is I've completed the Shu clan story..

So during my free time, I'm going to play the other clan stories to see how their story differs from the Shu clan story..

This game is a good game to play, although considering it takes up about 5Gigabyte of HDD.. But the good graphic and great gameplay makes up for it.. So if you are feeling bored, you can try this game, somehow..

So don't wait any longer, try this game or regret it.. ^^


  1. hei fariz, my site has moved to here: http://fullmoepanic.wordpress.com/
    please update the link. thanks.

  2. @ setsuna: Will do.. Thanks for the update.. ^^

  3. Orochi is even difficult to kill if you use samurai warriors... I've played several times on the last round and could not bring him down. Almost killing him... one time, and the 'Defeat" comes out too soon. My health lvl still v. good. Sigh....

  4. @ Duanetan: Orochi is pretty inba.. I have to lvl up my characters to lvl 40 just to defeat him.. Well, at least the effort paid off.. ^^


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