06 April 2008

Blogger Outing at La Tendo

Well, I will like to thank Panther for organising the outing to La Tendo yesterday.. I didn't blog yesterday because I was busy playing CABAL Online ( Haven't lvled up my character in awhile.. )..

So we met together at City Hall MRT station at about 3pm.. I was pretty much late thanks to the bus arriving late.. We went to the new La Tendo which relocated to the new Kallang Leisure Park at Kallang..

We, especially me were very happy that the new La Tendo shop was bigger and better than it's former site at Sunshine Plaza.. So we walked around the inside of the shop, looking at the figurines, model kits.. We also gave some of them some pantsu look..

Anyway, some of us did buy some of the figurines.. For me, having the lack of money to buy one, felt unhappy..

But I did caught sight of one which I will surely buy to start my figurine collection.. ( I only have 6 gundams at home, thats all ) I aimed at Kureha from the anime "Shining Tears X Wind"..

She looks so beautiful, can't resist..

Since I don't have enough cash, I've decided to make a guide of how to get quick cash the right way..

I've wrote some ways to get quick cash..

1) Get a part-time job in some company that provides good working environment.. Other than working part time before in some events like the "Join The Pact" Johnnie Walker F1 Event, I've also found some part time job at factories in Tuas and even in Potong Pasir..

Verdict: I won't be picking this option during my school term.. Judging from my hectic school term, I don't think i would exhaust myself further working part time just for the money..

2) Put Google AdSense or those ads that pays you in your blogs or websites.. Well, you know these sort of ads.. If people click on these ads, you can get some money, though in small amounts..

Verdict: Not so fond of these.. Got tricked once and I got a virus instead of the intended link posted on the ads.. Luckily managed to flush it out before it deleted any important data..

3) Asking your parents to pay you for your work at the house and let them rest.. I did some washing on my dad's car after we made a deal of about SGD$12 per wash.. Well, no effort = no $$$$..

Verdict: The only choice I've picked during my school term.. Vacuuming, doing laundry are just a norm at home so washing my dad's car was the best choice.. It's a win-win situation for both me and my dad..

4) Last but not least, you can try begging for money at the streets or at Orchard Rd where alot of poeple like to hang out.. This is a last resort ( this isn't against the law, mostly. ) so attempt this when all else fail..

Me when I was begging for money to buy World of Warcraft 2 yrs ago..

Verdict: I did thought of doing so when I was begging for money to play World of Warcraft.. But you'll get embarrassed if your friends, especially your girlfriend if you have one pass by you somehow.. So gave up on this idea.. And another reason, since you are doing it without the consent of the police, they will chase you away everytime they see you..

I wonder if by doing carwash on my dad's car will work.. But no choice.. Although it's a pain to wash my dad's car, people always say; "No pain, No Gain!!"..


  1. I also had a few figures I want to get, no money too ><. At least you get "paid" for doing those! I have to do it for free!! Well not exactly free cause we're still living off our parents lol.

    Let's go rob a bank instead, YUA style, sure got money after that.

  2. u got virus by clicking google ads!? oh my. O_O

    i'll using adsense and i can tell u it's pretty useless one's site can generate at least thousands of traffic daily. google only pay u when u hit $100. it took forever for me to even reach $10. orz

    i think other than wishing for a money printing machine, doing a part time job is the best.

    anyway nice chatting with you during the trip. ^^;

  3. I can tell you out of all your options the best is the carwash and the second best is a part-time job. Juggling the job and your schoolwork is going to be hard though. Google hardly works unless your site's traffic is in the zillions or something.

  4. Yeap working part time is the best, but i don't recommend studying and working at the same time. You wont have enough time for daily anime dosage ^^.

    Back then i spent 3/4 of my NS allowance on anime merchandises. Thats what happened when i got a little more spending power haha.

  5. haha.. so when r u getting ur Kotobukiya's Kureha :P

  6. @ hirito: Hmm, maybe you can go on strike and demand pay for your housework? ^^

    Maybe I could ask my gundams to do our bidding??

    @ gordon: Lol.. I would wont get one on my blog then.. And it is just an eyesore to see an ad on my blog..

    I do have an extra space in my house to put one of the machine, but not enough money to buy one.. :(

    @ panther: Yea, google ads is lousy.. Well, 4 more carwash to go.. ^^

    @ misakichii: I did tried working during my school term.. It was havoc and I can't keep up with my studies..

    Luckily my boss knew my problem and decided to let me go free, with the pay of course.. ^^

    @ prim3: Very soon, after I get my pay from my dad.. 3 more carwash perhaps?

  7. Thanks for the great guide! I'll skip to step 4 now.

    But I'm going to put adSense on my page anyway ^^; As a source of passive income (no matter how passive).

    I keep saying this, but I need to go look for a part time job. I also need to go look into kendo. @_@

    @Hirito, Gee, can I join you?


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