10 April 2008

Nendoroid Mikuru Asahina

Peace out..

Good Smile Company finally re-announced about the new Nendoroid Mikuru Asahina recently.. This comes after they announced the Tsuruya, Nagato and Suzumiya version in the Nendoroid series..

The figure is about 10cm tall.. Mikuru comes dressed in her waitress outfit and comes with three different faces, each with a different facial expression...
You wanna piece of me?!?

This is the front and back view of the nendoroid Mikuru..

The figure also comes with an interchangeable hand and green beam, demonstrating her powers. I particularly like this pose..
Mikuru Beam!! ^^

“No pantsu shot” or Nendroid Mikuru will “Mikuru Beamu” you XD. Almost forgot, the Nendoroid Mikuru's twintails are moveable.. At least you can make the effects of her hair standing on top when she is doing "Mikuru Beamu".. ^^

Well, the good thing of having this is that it matches with the original figurine of Mikuru, except the mention of heights..

I recommend anyone to pre-order this now.. This figurine coast about 3000Yen Which is about SGD$40.. It is slated to be released on June 2008.. Maybe Kureha is still a better choice.. Hmm..

Don't wait till it is out.. Who knows, it will be sold out on it's launch day.. Source pic is from
GSC website..


  1. luvluvluv2:45 PM

    Hmmm this is actually a re-issue of this nendoroid. The first release was Sept 2007. Anw great news for those who are yet to get this cute figure.

  2. one word to describe this figure. MOE~ ^^;


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