24 April 2008

Human Snake by N-Gage

You've seen the 'Human Tetris'.. You've also seen the 'Human Space Invaders'.. But now Ngage has released their own 8-bit stop-motion video of their own..

Shot in Lisbon, the video was made just by using cameras.. That's right, cameras.. No special effects or CG.. The video was made as a tribute to the old Snake game on those old-school Nokia phones which was a must play for everyone back then..

IMO, the video looks really time-consuming and the amount of effort put into it makes me totally speechless.. Having 1000 people and making them do the frame-by-frame movements is just beyond my comprehension..

Oh look, it's the trojan robot.. XD

Well, this isn't a very easy job, unless you are talking about Kira Yamato.. ^^

So, here is the tribute video of the game.. Enjoy!!

To get the HD version of the video and also to see the behind the scenes of this video, you can visit the main website here...


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